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Sky Diving

Drawn for :iconmlp-atg-alumni:'s week 176 theme: A Marine Pony / An Aquatic Pony ... or is it?
Derpy... how are... but... nevermind.

Sketch in my Scrapbook:
(dA's linking system seems to be crap now, so that's all I can do)
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so that's why her cutie mark is a bunch of bubbles...
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That or she's really good at playing the bubble Pan pipes!
Derpy has some odd skills, that's for sure.
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Maybe Derpy is the baseline and the rest of us are just not cutting it!
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shooo be doop shoop shoop be doop xD
ABronyAccount's avatar
Call upon the ... sky ponies?
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tigreanpony's avatar
And that girls is how Derpy got her Curie and how equestria was made lol
ABronyAccount's avatar
Her Curie mark? Well, we always knew she was a radiant mare...
Thunderbolt-1983's avatar
Haha nice idea, live it.
Fly-by-Night-Lyds's avatar
*sings* Derpy in the sky with diam....bubbles
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It works! Now just write the rest of it.
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That'd be reef diving!
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She does this every weekend. The CMC adding the bubbles was just awesome coincidence.
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They really provide the atmosphere in this!
hillbe's avatar
Derped real good.
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"That's some mighty fine derpin', girl."
AJR001's avatar
I... I don't even... ^^; :XD:
ABronyAccount's avatar
What the actual buck?
Derpy's talent: Manipulate bubble is to manipulate reality itself!
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Our reality is but one of many, set adrift in the void between voids, each going its own separate way and carrying upon its surface a unique collection of events in a hooful of spatial dimensions evolving over time.
We exist on the surface of a single bubble within the foams of Multiverses.
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