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Scoots The Inventor?

Seriously, why isn't Sweetie Belle's cutie mark a dictionary already? Or maybe a Scrabble tile. You know she be challenging all the bluffs!

This is my submission for :iconscootalove:'s third art contest: [LAST CHANCE] Contest: Not My Special Talent...
I ran into a load of trouble trying to get this completed once I had a concept. Thankfully I was able to get it in under the 24 emergency grace period. Thanks, admins!
Beyond that, let me just say... THREE DAYS!

I experimented a little bit with this, taping together the sketch and the clean inking paper so they wouldn't shift out of place on my lightbox while I was moving the papers around for a good inkin' angle. It worked okay! Used blue painter's tape because it seemed to separate itself nicely from the paper without taking piece of the paper with it.
Also got some fresh pens. Had no choice, really, hence the emergency lateness. I'd almost forgotten how good it feels to be using fresh pens!

The "Most Useless Machine Ever" is a real thing! Yes, I put a real thing in my pony contest comic creation, BECAUSE REASONS! Watch a video of it in action on Youtube
Learn to build one yourself at Make
Even Stephen Colbert loves it
Maybe one of these days I'll make one.
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Haha, nice! Loving Scootaloo's face in the seventh panel :D
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Thanks! I tried to pack this comic with silly faces.
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Haha, Sweetie's face is priceless
ABronyAccount's avatar
Thanks! I'm always trying to stretch my repertoire of exaggerated faces!
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Lol xD Great idea :D
Skittle141's avatar
You're welcome :3 She built the hoof backwards, didn't she?
ABronyAccount's avatar
Definitely something like that!
TotallyCarbon's avatar
That machine in the comic rung a bell; mainly because I remember seeing a lego version someone had built, albeit with a few more useless features.…
ABronyAccount's avatar
I think we're lucky she installed the hoof backwards, otherwise it could have rung a Belle!

That is an interesting take on the machine!
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That's actually really clever. Turning the useless machine into an automatic boop box. And it almost worked too. if it had been turned the other way arond and the hinge in the middle it would have worked.
ABronyAccount's avatar
All the research bits were diverted to a competing team trying to adapt it to serve as an automatic brohoof machine.
Creshosk's avatar
Both of which are really worthwhile endeavors.  Somepony had to make a tough call.
ABronyAccount's avatar
It's not easy reviewing grant proposals. Maybe with more public funding we could spare themselves, and us, this kind of zero-sum decision making.
RubyCast's avatar least it didn't blow up or wreck the town.
ABronyAccount's avatar
Yes, it's always best to look on the bright side!
"Think of it this way, Scootaloo; nopony died!"
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