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I don't think that's a real rule, Pinkie. Rainbow Dash is just making that up. What a silly pony, that Rainbow Dash is!

And that's why I drew her for :iconmlp-atg-alumni:'s week 187 theme: A Silly Pony / A Nonsensical Pony

9:45 pm - Aha! I know what to draw for this week's theme! It's... a comic... o_o
12:15 am - Done! ... shoot, it's late.
12:45 am - There, all scanned. Even cleaned it up since it was going to be late anyway! Now to try and get a nice, optimized PNG file since jpegs are evil.
12:54 am - PNGOUT WHY YOU SO SLOW???

*EDIT* D'oh, I took all that time cleaning it up and somehow missed a problem I meant to take out. Fixed now.
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♫  pink fluffy earth ponies standing on rainbows~