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(NATG7d2) Can You Help Advise Me on My Future?

:iconcelestiawtfplz::iconsaysplz: "I feel like I'm at a crossroads, and there's like, a Denny's on one corner, and an IHOP on the other!"
Twilight Sparkle (I'M PANCAKE) plz :iconsaysplz: "I'M PANCAKE, SENPAI!"

Monologue shamelessly stolen from Strongbad Email #109 I thought about changing a few more things, but decided they were funnier as-is.

Day 2 of EQD's NATG 2017: Draw a pony in motion / Draw a pony in need of direction.

Sweetie be all like "Not again..."
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I'm 35 years old and I don't want to identify. wouldn't happen to have any advice, would you?
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Always put your underwear on first, not last.
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I recognized the reference in Celestia's dialogue instantly. This is awesome!
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Did you read it in his voice?
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I did. Impediment and everything. Celestia's got the heart of a champion.
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Celestia would kill it in the male modeling business.
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She'd make a lot of ponies question a lot of things about themselves!
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Scootaloo is terrified.

Probably knows it's banishment to the dungeons if their advice doesn't work.
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C'mon Celestia, cutie marks ain't rocket science. You've obviously got a future in the tanning bed industry.
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I'll bet all those UV rays lead to a new nickname! Mole-estia!
Hrm, something about that seems drama-magnetic somehow. But why?
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*Pulls out the industrial size spaghetti umbrella*

Also, (belated) welcome back!
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Yes, I know about the 'E' in Applbloom. But that is another story...
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