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(Jan to Mar) Ink Practice 2021



On the left is the picture I inked for the 2021 Community Collab pic on Derpibooru, using my traditional pigment liner pens and a little help from a pocket brush pen for the wavy mane lines and fill in the eye.

On the right is a practice version I just made, attempting to wrap my head around the new dip pens I just bought, inking over the same pencil sketch as the first. The bold outline on the body as well as the fine lines of the eyes, parts of the mane, and cutie mark were all made with a single nib. The lines around the mane and tail were inked with the brush pen. (The overall lack of detail on the new version is due to me trying to keep this a "quick" exercise.)

Still got a ways to go before I can call myself facile with a dip pen! Obviously I need to work on making my strokes more uniform and smooth. There's also a few spots where my ink ran out, and after reloading it and returning to the page, my pressure and nib placement didn't quite line up with the previous attempt. I think, going forward, I'll rely on rotating the paper to give me a more favorable angle for making sweeping arc motions while holding the pen, instead of constantly moving my pen and repositioning it over the paper to draw at different angles.

The dip pens don't seem to like this printer paper much at all. I'll have to stick with special hot-pressed and smooth-finished paper made for pen and ink work. I've got a small pad of Canson XL, I hear Strathmore's Bristol also works great.

I used a Brause 361 "blue pumpkin" nib and a Pentel Pocket brush pen. The nib was loaded with Dr. Ph. Martin's Black Star matte India ink, my preferred brand, every few strokes. The brush pen has its own cartridges of sumi-alike ink.

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I do like the first version more, but that makes sense given that the latter picture is a quicker attempt using less familiar media. Dang I wish I had the fine motor control to do either of these. good jerbs