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Everypony's first exhibition gallery is a refrigerator.

Drawn for :iconmlp-atg-alumni:'s week 75 theme: A crafty pony! Colored pencils were employed since I wanted a crayon-y effect. Besides which I need more practice with the silly things.
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She would have muffin ingredients as the sole occupants of her grocery list.
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They go through a lot of those things. It's just a coincidence. Honest. Really.
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Did I mention that simple narrative images are one of my favorite things?

Nice job with the metal handle, and mad props for using straight-edges.
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I straight-edged the crud out of this! Zero booze, zero drugs, clean language, abstained from reproductive activity, and I used my ruler a lot too.
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Aww, really cute drawing (within a drawing)! Nice one :)
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Thanks! I put quite some effort into thinking what a young kid's drawing would look like.
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That's pretty clever. I love clever "things".
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Thanks, I too love clever "things."
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20% more adorbs-ant than the leading brand!
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Now that is adorable :3
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A-door-able too!
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