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Riffing off a couple of panels  from Jeff Smith's epic comic, Bone, a comic series that has just broken into the American Library Association's top ten list of banned or challenged books. A mark of quality!
Tonight, the part of Fone Bone will be played by Mr. Spike the Dragon. Fido and Spot shall portray The Two Stupid, Stupid Rat Creatures.

Drawn for :iconmlp-atg-alumni:'s week 170 theme: A Pony Escaping / A Pony Get Away
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How dare they ban Bone?! Why even?
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The bath scene probably had something to do with it.
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I remember the Bone books like I read them all the time at school..oh wait,I did read them all the time at school.
There is no way to capture the swag in words. GREAT JOB ON BRO
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Any pic with Spike is a pic with swag!
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Random browsing and saw this.. though "O.O That looks familiar!"
Sure enough a fellow Bone reader!

I now want to read them again!
Kudos for this homage x3
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I love that quote!
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It's quite the lovable quote.
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i LOVE that series. i only have the first and 7th book, though..... waah........
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Definitely look for the others! My county library has most of 'em, and I live in a podunk place.
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XD I love bone. And MLP!
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We have so much in common!
Tell me your innermost secrets, stranger.
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Well, I like ren and stimpy, and sonic too.
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Just kidding.
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XD why? You don't like it? If u don't that's fine. What's ur fav color?
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That's a silly question! I like blue because it's the best color!
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Why is it a silly question? I like blue too.
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Because blue is the best color, obviously! Why wouldn't anybody have blue as their favorite?
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Never read Bone but this scene is iconic so I recognize it.  Great work ponifying it =D!  Hopefully I can get around to reading it some day!
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Hopefully! Check your local library!
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