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Bees, That's Who!

I'm surprised the team at DHX was so upfront about who they made this "Doctor" character a pastiche of, but I guess now the bee's out of the bag! Who knew they were such avid fans of the one and only DOCTOR BEES ???

Drawn mostly for :iconmlp-atg-alumni:'s week 207 theme A Pony doing chores / Day-to-Day.
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later, on international "bring a shed load of bee's to work day"
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Stay outta my bee shed.
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"I feel we've made a terrible mistake!"
"Somepony do something relating to bees!"
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OMG i fucking love you

thank you so much for the laughter this brought xD
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Excellent, everything is falling into place exactly as planned...
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You made me laugh.


Thank you.
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At least it wasn't Dr.Evil this time...
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No way they'd do that. When the Doctor would have to raise Pinkie to his lips after every joke, the fandom would explode.
What did I even just watch?

But that does explain how the Bugbear found Special Agent Sweetie Drops.
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Now you know what all the buzz is about!
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NOT what I was expecting, and that's a good thing!
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Yeah, I was totally expecting Hasbro to go with the Doctor Who angle!
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:iconcddblackwigplz: :iconsaysplz: No, no NO! The problem with my wedding cannot be solved by the addition of more bees! CHANGE IT!
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*adds actual live bees, plus actual live mares getting stung by those bees*
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:iconcddblackwigplz: :iconsaysplz: This isn't even a wedding anymore! What is the deal with you and bees?! It's like a hive in here!
:iconchangelingplz: :iconsaysplz: Reminds me of home, actually.
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Oh Celestia, BugBears!
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A W.A.S.P.

Not to bee confused with a G.W.A.R.
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This looks like a job for Dr. Bees!
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Come to think of it, if he's The Striped Stinger (just your average wasp-themed superhero) by day and DOCTOR BEEEEEEES by night, when is he Miles Manners?
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