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Sliced Neck Fix [Tekken 7 PC mod]

Updated March 1st, 2019

This modification makes character's neck a bit longer (down from the head) to prevent the gap between the head and the body.
Should work for all the girls and every costume.

There is still a difference in thickness for head & body neck parts since different characters have different body size.
To prevent that one has to modify meshes of every costume for each character individually, which is a tremendous amount of work.

Place the .pak files into "...TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\~mods" folder.

Special Thanks to 
Dragon-Paul and his awesome tool!
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is there one for male cause i also have a glitch

L9NZC8R3AL's avatar

where is alisa's

zombiemitsu's avatar

can you add zafina?

Is there a fix for Lidia's neck?

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Thank you for this mod! Can you make the same for Kunimitsu?

By any chance is it possible if you can update this for Kuni?

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Great mod <3

Could you please also do that fix for Zafina?

Where's the link for this?

EDIT: Never mind. There's the download button. Thought it was just downloading the image. Thank you very much!

Thank you this is perfect

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this one not broken right after s3?
Thank you for the fix. 😘

wheres the file for this?

we need update for new mod? Zafina costume don't work!
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So does this mod also indirectly work for the lines that you see on a character's body? I can see that all characters have this weird line on their backs near their limbs and it bothers me. Of course, it could just be that I am playing on low, but the lines are still somewhat visible when I try to raise the quality.
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Nah, this mod doesn't change the body at all. It changes the characters' head to make the neck longer.
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You solved the issue nicely. Well done! :D
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Thanks! It's not perfect tho.
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It's good enough. Now my mod collection is complete :D
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I see you sir are doing the resizing and correcting job for the perfection! Is it possible for my big a$$ head xiaoyu to have Katarina's hair without any gaps... thanks xx
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Good job! I started to play Leo a little recently and pretty much all her default customization is crap, so this will come in handy.
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