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CS6 Icons Redesign

So here are cs6 icons that resemble the splash screen of each program. I saw that oldel from macthemes made the photoshop icon which made me create the rest and his photoshop icon is included. Icons size 512 px included are icns png and icontainer files. You can download for personal use as long as you don't post anywhere else and leave a thanks
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very nice but can you make a icon for adobe xd :3

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These were only for the programs available at the time of CS6. There was no Adobe XD at the time of the release of CS6 so therefore there unfortunately was no icon

these are awesome!
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Darn, I've been looking for the source of these hoping to find one for non-extended Photoshop one. Ah well, good work!

very good, although missing some as :
Fuse (new :3).
Edge Animate-Inspect.
Flash builder.
Extension Manager.
Extendscript Toolkit.
and Captivate 

and if I were , I think I run my hand xD

and excuse the awful translation, is powered by google translator xD
Used for my C.V 
thank you very much! :) 
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I'm going to use it to illustrate my resume to get an internship, thanks a lot ! :D
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thank you so much~ this helps a lot~
hey dude thanks for the icon making my screen nice
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I LOVE these!!! :} Just curious. Would happen to have / be able to make one that says CS6? For the folder that holds them? I put that in my task bar & would love an icon for that :3
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sorry for the late reply...Unfortunately I don't and honestly i haven't been available lately due to heavy work however I will try and post when i get a chance
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thank <3 <3 <3
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sorry for the late post thank you for your generous comment
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Thanks for these!  Wonderfully done.
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sorry for the late post thanks and no problem!!!
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Since CC has replaces CS6 could you make icons for those ?

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sorry for the late post I've been busy..... I will try to see if I have some time and if so will do  
Thank you very much. These are really nice!
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