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Fantiss Call - Segment 183
Both the Chavez and Stoneham children had buried one another in the large ball pit complex that was the centerpiece of the game room, and both Natalie and Xella relaxed in recliners as they watched them roughhouse.  
"Be sure to come up for air, kiddos!" Natalie called out, and Tad's head came popping up, grinning, "Havin' fun?"
"YEAH!" The boy squealed out, "This thing's DEEEEP!"
"Are your hatchmates even ztill in zere?" the kobold asked in her thick accent, still gazing in wonderment at the place before settling her focus back on the human child.  
"Yeah, Juan's down near the bottom and Riley's in the corner, I think she's commin' up r-"
"WRAAAAAAARRR!" The stoneham girl exploded out of the pit, scattering multi-colored balls everywhere, "I'M A DRAGON!  I'M GONNA EAT YOUUUU!   WRAAAAAAAAAAR!!!"  Xella laughed hard enough to tumble out of her lounge.  "You okay, lizard-lady?"  The Allwatcher got to her feet and put her hands on her hips
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Fantiss Call - Segment 182
"This is like a date night," Ralph laughed, putting his feet up on the seat in front of him, "kids are playing in the basement...gonna have to check that out, too...eventually..."  Sherri lounged over one of the several sofa-seats with her boyfriend, and Mr. and Mrs. Clark relaxed right beside the Stoneham.  "Bunny, Vyn told me you made the potatoes," the gargoyle grinned, "before we go Sarah and I will need to snag that recipe off ya."
"We should get together like this more often," Ralph's wife added, "our kids were having a great time, and your son's been a wonderful host."  She looked around the 50-seat theater and shook her head.  "I can't believe this is in someone's house."  Jerry grabbed a handful of fresh popcorn and munched on it, nodding, which drew a dirty look from his wife.
"I agree," Mrs. Clark replied, "Jerry and I will need to make sure we take the time to visit more frequently..." her voice trailed off a bit.  Mrs. Stoneham frowned.
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Mature content
FEAR THE PEAR! :iconabramwintersmith:AbramWinterSmith 0 1
Mature content
Forward. :iconabramwintersmith:AbramWinterSmith 2 8
Fantiss Call - Segment 181
I would have never had this amount of solitude in my old place when I had even one guest over, but this felt pretty good.  People were doing their own thing, and I was getting some ‘me time’ in between the goings on.  My parents were sitting in the the theater next to a gargoyle, and I think a naga and a mage...NEVER thought that would happen in a million years.   I looked at the steak, chicken, and some of the other leftovers and began to think.  “I may need to ask Arnie to make a delivery to the police station.”
“I can do it if you want.”  I looked up to Mike, whose skin was wrinkled to the point where he resembled a giant smirking green raisin.  “I’m supposed to work the graveyard shift, anyway.”
“What on earth happened to you?” I asked, “For a while I thought you had disappeared and didn’t tell anyone.”  His body took on a rosy tint of embarrassment.
:iconabramwintersmith:AbramWinterSmith 1 4
Fantiss Call - Segment 180
I don’t know when we lost the kids, but it had to have been somewhere between the mention of the video games and the soda fountain.  Liz and Matt followed them along.
“Do you mind if I watch over ze hatchlings, too?” Xella asked Natalie, “It’z been a vhile since I’ve babysat, but human younglings seem...most very energetic.”
“Girl, you’re part of this crazy clan now anyway,” my friend from our former workplace chattered back, “watch away, and by the way, those were some slick toys you gave ‘em!  Where did you find wands, anyway?”  The kobold stood up straighter, prouder.
“I made zem, myself, I specialize in vand construction, though most my efforts go toward defending our tribal home.”  The silver in her eyes seemed to glow in the dimmed light of the hallway, growing slightly brighter when she grinned.  “If you vish, I cun show you how to make your own.”  
:iconabramwintersmith:AbramWinterSmith 0 0
Fantiss Call - Segment 179
A few of the folks stayed behind to dry off and enjoy the cooling air as the sun sank below the mountains, but I had my dad, Xella, all four kids, and a flock of others around me as we walked through the kitchen.  “Don’t worry, we’ll have dessert in about an hour or two, and there’ll be popcorn and snacks in the theater...for those of you who want to take in a movie.”  I looked at the listings on the kitchen counter.  “I think Away and Upward! is the newest one they sent.”  All the kids squealed, and even Ralph’s eyes brightened.
“That comes out in theaters next week!” the gargoyle builder exclaimed.
“I’ve been waiting MONTHS to see that!” Sherri’s tail wagged furiously, “You got a preview copy of that?!?”
“I guess so,” I responded, “Arnie delivered it along with Trashcan Rhapsody: The Story of Mannil Lowe; it’s about the guy who foun
:iconabramwintersmith:AbramWinterSmith 1 2
Fantiss Call - Segment 178
Dinner was going extremely well, and people were eating in shifts as they enjoyed the unusually warm January Arizona night.  Even I got into the heated pool and played a volleyball game as Ralph and my dad manned the grill.  My mom made drinks (both virgin for the kids and real stuff for us adulty-types).  I think after Xella got over the fact that I was treating her like another friend of mine, she really warmed up to the rest of the group.  Turns out she LOVES to swim and talk...sometimes both at once!  It was amazing to watch her flit around and get acquainted with everyone.  At times she would talk business, but then she would play with the kids and have fun with them.  I think I’ll enjoy most of the rest of the tribe too if they happen to be this outgoing.
“Look what the little dragon lady got us!”  Mariel and Riley both ran up to me with sticks that were glowing at their tips, “she got us magic wands just like
:iconabramwintersmith:AbramWinterSmith 1 0
Fantiss Call - Segment 2013
My name is Vynson Clark, and the story you're about to be a witness to is an account of my life right before my 35th birthday and the events that followed it.
Like many of my former species, I didn’t really believe in The Fantiss Call until my best friend came knocking on my door, and he wasn’t wearing a fursuit.  After his Presidential Birthday, he would never need to dress up like a wolfen again.   What was particularly intriguing to me is that he didn’t mind this at all after it happened, but like me he was worried and nervous that everything would change...and it did, but his core being remained the same, and it gave me some comfort.
About two and a half years later, I was finding myself at the same crossroads; the changing of my age to that magical number that Mother Nature seemed to have arbitrarily picked to give a fifth of the human race a fresh start, a new life, a do-over whether we desired it or not.  
On the very minute of the 35th Anniversa
:iconabramwintersmith:AbramWinterSmith 3 6
Fantiss Call - Meet Your Dragons
For such a little creature, and one of her supposed age, Xella's grip was incredibly strong, not that I couldn't have broken free, but something about this kobold just made you want to pay attention to her every word.  Perhaps that why she was an All-Watcher...but truth be told, that Dr. Ruth accent is just too cool coming out of her muzzle.  Also, the fact that she was incredibly resourceful added to her charm; it could have been something out of a Rockwell Painting:  A little scaly dog-thing leading a giant dragon, smiling as she has his hand in hers, and pulling a huge, lacquer-covered tome behind her in a little purple was one of Nattie's kids who left it, but my Financial Officer commissioned the thing instead of using one of those floaty spells she sometimes utilizes.
"I'm really surprised at how little you know of the dragon types, Lord Vynson," Xella looked up to me with a smirk, "well, I suppose you really wouldn't know much given that your
:iconabramwintersmith:AbramWinterSmith 4 16
Guy Recipes: Mashed Potato Pie
Here's What You Need:
5 to 10 pounds of Potatoes…nothing fancy, just your regular brown will do.
Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Garlic (Powdered or Fresh)
(PRO TIP! – You don't see specific quantities of all this stuff because how do I know what YOU like…you can add or remove stuff as you see fit…it's not like I'm gonna break into your kitchen and scream "YOU'RE DOIN' IT WROOOONG!!" or nothin'….))
Here's What You Do First:
This is easy…Make your mashed potatoes…
Slice 'Em and boil 'em up until they're mashable.
Here's What You Do Next:
Once you drain the spuds, you mash 'em real good…
then take an eggbeater to them….while you're beating your potatoes you do the following:
Add All the ingredients that weren't potatoes into the mix…and you keep eggbeating the whole mess till it's nice n' creamy.
Then you take a pie tin or a casserole dish and dump the creamed up potatoes into it…
Top it off with extra cheese, spices, bacon, Frenc
:iconabramwintersmith:AbramWinterSmith 1 4
Mature content
Tale-Ku: Prisoner :iconabramwintersmith:AbramWinterSmith 3 12
Tale-Ku: Vynson's Word
From Skin To Sky Scales,
It Was Worse Than Puberty!
I Can See My Snout...
Man To Reptile
Hot Temper To Ice-Cold Blood
Wasn't Mad, Really...
Culture Shock, I'm Rocked!
Went From A Gashoggin' Ride...
To Green-Friendly Wings.
No more need for fuel
And love the amazing view
From Mountains So High!
Rags To Riches Too,
Don't Need To Worry 'Bout Food
Nor Other Dire Needs.
Drinks Are On Me
And I Can Even Chill 'Em,
Frozen Daiquiris!  
But It's Not All Fun...
Got Responsibilities!
Protect and Serve Now.
I'm The Final Law
Whether I Like It Or Not
They Look Up To Me...
So Marriage Is Made
Draconic Pride, Humble Pie
Pray I Get It Right...
Step Up and Swoop In
Gotta Make Sure I Will Win
Alternative's Crap...
So This Dragon'll Soar,
And He'll Be Seen And Be Heard.
Actions Strong As Words!
Because If He Fails
Too Much Shame In Takin' Flight...
I'll Go Down Flappin'...
:iconabramwintersmith:AbramWinterSmith 0 6
Tale-Ku: All Furreal
    Wasn't Born Furry
    But I May As Well Have Been
    You Should See Me Shave...
    Kinda Silly, Tho...
    I Wear My Hair, Don't Go Bare!
    No Shoes My Friend, PAWS.
    See Me Like a Freak?
    Well, Maybe I'm Not The Norm
    But What Is, Really?
    Straight? Bi? Gay? Left-Right?
    Politically Correct?
    Let Me Shed Some Light....
    We're From All Walks, Friend!
    And The 'Normal' all depends
    On Who You Speak With...
    So Don't Hate The Fur
    Step Up With Us In Our World!
    We All
:iconabramwintersmith:AbramWinterSmith 0 4
Mature content
Tale-Ku: Ain't Stayin' :iconabramwintersmith:AbramWinterSmith 1 3
Tale-Ku - An Advertisement
Desperation Sucks!
But It Can Lead To Genius....
Way To Recover...
I need to raise funds,
So I Don't Live On Ramen.
Presenting: Tale-Ku!
It Works Just Like This:
I Present a Short Story,
But In Haiku Form!
Don't Expect Epics:
They're Only About One Page,
But It's Quality!
So Send Me Topic,
Give Me A Few Guiding Words,
Characters, Perhaps?
Let Me Run With It!
I'll belt out a unique yarn!
That'll Make You Grin Wide!
Why Not Try Me Out?
It Only Takes A Five-spot,
To Help Me Claw Out....
...Of Desperation,
And It Flexes My Brain, Too.
Happy To Produce!
So Go Turn Me Loose!
Crank Up My Creative Juice!
My Aim Is To Please!
:iconabramwintersmith:AbramWinterSmith 0 2

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"You know what the definition of insanity is?" -Vaas, FarCry 3
Sat Nov 15, 2014, 1:39 PM
my my my, life moves on leaving you in the dust. the only thing to do is to pick your self back up and catch the Bi***
Fri Oct 4, 2013, 7:47 PM
Sun Jun 23, 2013, 10:48 AM
It's been a while since anyone did a Shoutbox Post.....So I'll be the first schmuck to post in over 9 it's YOUR TURN: POST YOU SCHMUCKS! XD
Sun Jun 9, 2013, 11:33 AM
:juggle: ya da dadada DADADA! CIRCUS MUSIC!
Wed Sep 12, 2012, 8:56 PM
.... Everything?
Fri Sep 7, 2012, 10:07 PM
Tue Aug 7, 2012, 5:34 AM
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Wow...this Shoutbox sure gets underused....SAY SOMETHIN'!!! XD
Thu Jul 5, 2012, 9:41 PM
Happy 39th Birthday Scott! ^^
Sun Dec 4, 2011, 12:35 AM
I think I just found a sign...I was going through some old documents and papers from when I moved...and thinking about The Fantiss Call was making be particularly depressed...going through the few pictures I had of my mom out here got me to crying...rough night. I slumped against the bookcase and I felt some snapping noises...and there was something behind that bookcase.

Curiosity piqued I took EVERYTHING out of the bookcase and maneuvered it out of the closet...nearly wrenched my back doing so.

and found binders:


The original story notes and plans...the ones I thought I lost nearly 5 years ago...or worse yet, destroyed. 

I will go to bed happy tonight...


"We never left you, my just needed to rediscover that we were still with you, and waiting patiently."
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It's Going To be Someone Blue...and Scaly...But Where To Pick Up... 

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Dragons are like that, I suppose.   ^-^

--Brother Abram

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