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Ancient settlement


Finally, the intrincate cave system the tribe was walking, for who knows how many hours, turned into a massive space. They reached the first settlement of the Ghezigar. The place where the biggest meeting of the different tribes took place every few years. This was also the place their ancestors built to take shelter of the dangerous places outside, and the place the first tribes left to begin their eternal journey.

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This is tight
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Oh man! On a page of random pictures, this color palette drew me in immediately!! This is so beautiful! 😍
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Oof thank you so much *_* I'm really glad you liked it :D
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God, this background looks amazing!!! :heart:
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Hehehe thanks :D I'm glad you liked it
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I love the colors!!
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Thank you! I'm glad you liked it *_*
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This looks so good! Clap La la la la Heart 
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I can't wait to become this good. I practice every day but rarely post anything. Some day I am gonna make such amazing art like this. I won't stop till I am as good as you :) I am new follower and I am gonna stay loyal for a long time. When I look at your art I get excited because I know I can get this good with practice. 
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Ooh! Thank you so much for your support! I'm really glad you liked my works and I'm sure you'll get to improve even more! (I saw your works and honestly they look really good so far!) Studies did a lot for me and never giving up, even when you're feeling down. I guess in those cases it's better to take some time to rest xD that's REALLY important as well as studying! Can't wait to see more from you soon and hopefully you'll enjoy my future works as well!
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Oh my goodness thank you! This means a lot to me!
I am definitely going to study lots of composition and lighting
so that my works can become professional and beautiful 
like yours!
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Thanks *_* I'm glad you enjoyed the piece so much :D!
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