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National Animals Contest Symbols

Here are the updated symbols for #Anthro-Fantasy-club's national animal contest.


More info...
Do we have to include all five symbols in our entry?
No, you don't. You're only required to include one of them. You can include multiple symbols if you'd like, though.

What do they mean?
1. The first symbol was made by me. I just came up with it when I was bored one night so it doesn't really mean anything.
Copyright/usage information: If you include this symbol in one of your pictures, I don't mind if you make prints or otherwise sell the completed work. However, you can't sell the symbol as-is (so you'll have to either edit it in some major way or incorporate it in a larger work).

I'd really like to see what you do with it too.

2. The second symbol is an eightpointed star sign found on a Greek vase from the fifth century B.C. More information: [link]
Copyright information from symbols . com: "If you know that the sign is not a protected trademark or logo for any other company, and as long as you re-draw it yourself, you can include it in you works."

3. The symbol for Leo, the zodiacal sign of the Lion. I chose it because lions are seen as powerful animals and several countries use them as their national animals. You can easily make the symbol by setting your font to "wingdings" and typing a lowercase 'b'. More information on the symbol: [link]
Copyright information: This symbol is in the public domain, so you can do whatever you'd like with it (sell it as-is, make prints of it, etc.).

4. It is used on maps to represent ancient remains or ancient monuments. I made it by setting my font to "wingdings" and typing a lowercase 'z'.
Copyright information: It's a symbol from the Viking era, so the copyright (if any) should have expired on it by now. Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

5. The symbol for Aries, the ram. You can easily make this one by typing '^' when your font is set on "wingdings." More information on the symbol itself: [link]
Copyright information: This symbol is in the public domain, so you can do whatever you'd like with it (sell it as-is, make prints of it, etc.).

How can we use them in the contest?
However you'd like! You could make one of them a fur marking/tattoo on your fantasy creature/anthro, a hair barrette in your anthro's hair, the end of an axe or weapon that your anthro/fantasy creature is holding, a belt buckle, a mask, a background design... whatever you'd like! You can get bonus points if you use them extra creatively.

Can we modify them?
Yes, but don't change them too much. It should still be recognizable that you used one of these symbols.

Please try to make them match the picture as well. If you're using one of them as a marking on a curved surface, for example, then the symbol should curve with the surface.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. :D
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Hello, I used your nice stock here Antiche sere
Thank you so much! :bow:
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Hello, I used your stock here
thank you!!
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Cool! Thanks for letting me know. ^^
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#5 is the symbol for Aries the ram.
aboveClouds's avatar
Thanks! I've edited the description. ^^
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What is it's point in regards to the contest?
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You need to include it in your entry for it to count. It's basically just a way to test your creativity and make sure that your artwork was made for this contest.

Just as an example, ~PonderingArt used it as a shirt symbol: [link]
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This is a very strange animal.
And a very strange condition.
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A lot of contests that I've entered in the past have required that you include some sort of special symbol. Some of the adoptable sites have required a badge for the site, for example.

I'm discussing it with my co-judge to see what he thinks of it. It may become optional, but you'll get extra points if you include it.
TrollGirl's avatar
Last summer i was a bit of a contest addict and never saw that sort of challenge, out of the many i tried for. Anyways, interesting.
aboveClouds's avatar
Okay, I talked it over with my co-judge and he suggested that I include symbols that are public domain and generic. I don't want anyone entering (or winning :ohnoes:) the contest with stolen artwork, so I need some way to make sure that everyone really made their entries for this contest. So it's either this, or everyone has to send me WIPs and/or everyone works from a particular stock image (like they do in #TheDragonChallenge).
TrollGirl's avatar
Oh, so it's a thievery concern? It's a pretty noble one, though my criminal mind is informing you that a thief can simply slap the mark on whatever he stole, with some filters if he's smart :D
But you probably know that anyway.
aboveClouds's avatar
Yeah, there really isn't any simple way to stop 100% of thievery, but a requirement like this will (hopefully) deter it. The only way I could 100% stop thieves is if I made everyone record their progress in real time BUUUUT a lot of people don't know how to do that and I don't think a lot of people would want to in the first place. Besides, most of the art thieves that I've seen barely know how to use MSpaint, much less photoshop.
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Downloaded, time to work! ^^
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