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Character  Grace RodriguezCharacter  José CortezLocation  Cor de Leon, Spain
During this race:

hellyeah Grace is sporting the look of an Admiral's daughter. the milder
temperatures at night allowed the layers finally xD


It is by far not only William who can make a public presence with José x)
No no.
Grace has spent the past months in spain and has grown very fond of the "Estate Lord".
He turned out to be a lot warmer than his cool presence first suggested, a lot more daring
than his reserved nature promised...yet he held a respectful distance in his interaction
and approaches that made Grace feel very comfortable unlike with some more -direct- gents.
José had a noble air about him that seemed familiar and it radiated all across his property,
making her feel surprisingly much like home. She would have A LOT to tell Sam, who showed
up for the races and seemed worried initially about her leaving Imperials for so long.
Both Will and Grace felt like long lost family with the resident spaniards - and they were just that.

Currently they were strolling along the Wisteria wall during the Alpine Tides. The racetrack
was lit in a way it competed with daylight brilliance. She was telling him a whole bunch about
the development of RPS' racing team. Chuckling about some wonky beginnings as teenagers,
learning the basics on the dry lake on their hungarian grounds. About their most notable racers,
Suicidal Tendencies and Zarengold. Milly was making the tales justice as she temporarily
took the lead and Grace was hoping the speaker would keep the good news coming.
She peeked up at José's expression, was he also enjoying the races?


CCOOLLLLLLAAABBBBBBBBBB with Bloodwine-tales :dummy:
Who did the mindblowing background and shading.

also i can not help myself , drawing certain fashion choices will always overrule my to do list :lmao:

José's point of view:

José © by Bloodwine-tales 
Grace © by the Cursed Pirate

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Um... stawp, you and @Bloodwine-tales are killing me with this <333





I love every color, hue, pose, expression, outfit... and, well, everything, about this <3

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Wow now that‘s a new level of fashionable. When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

They look so fancy like total eyecatchers! And your styles go so well together! <3

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It is a bad thing that I feel like I should ship them? like- they look soooo much like a powerful couple here.... even if being long lost family, haha

Great work, the both of you :faint: this looks incredible, really!

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I just looooove Grace's outfit so much!

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Oh this is perfection! I love the outfits, and particularly Grace’s.

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As I had said on Bloodwine-tales piece, they look so beautiful and beautiful together!

They are definitely going for the best dressed. I love their outfits!

You and Bloodwine did amazing on this!

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