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My last pic of the Crocus was absolutely making no justice to her so i hoped now to do so x)


behind the thick curtains of the rain a blurry silhouette of a sail ship started to show,
like an optical illusion that toys with one's mind, is there really someone heading out iof that waterfall from heaven?
Like led by a godly force she elegantly, steadily cut through the waves, resembling a horse galloping in snow. 
As she silently battled the weather, her crew seemed just like a ghost, vanishing behind the mighty sails and lost in their duties.
Their black flags eaten by the dark clouds, one wouldn't even know who they would be dealing with. Besides the silencing 
cries of the wind between the golden sun-lit ropes, only a call from her captain echoed along deck-
"Let her be in prime bloom"
The moment the last rain drop hit the surface, the foresail flagged down it's yard, fed by the wind, pulling the Crucus further out if the storm.
Oh the misleading offering of the flowers had been for many a bitter disappointment, that her cannons are only as charming as Lyo's short temper.


The Crocus © by the Cursed Pirate

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© 2014 - 2021 abosz007
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Is there even something you can't draw/paint!? Jesus, that is perfect.
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OH WOW Das ist ja verdammt verboten gut geworden *w*
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Ich liebe dieses Bild sooo sehr :)
Ich hab das auf der Arbeit als Bildschirmhintergrund damit ich jeden der mich darauf anspricht auf dich hinweisen kann uuuund weil das Bild genial ist. <3
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the ocean looks just like a classical painting my one of the Masters
SilentEnmity's avatar
This is magnificent!
Jullelin's avatar
Love this. I am always blown away by your patient for ships ^^;
ElreniaGreenleaf's avatar
SO MUCH ATMOSPHERE oh my god, I literally don't know how you do this?! :o
(also I've been playing Assassins Creed: Rogue all week which has naval combat and ships just like this so you've definitely captured the essence and wildness of the open sea. :D)
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thanks a lot : D
i wish theyd make a new pirates of the caribbean game with more ship options id just melt away xDDDD
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So gut, wie'n Bild aus'm Museum! *3*
Shotechi's avatar
MEEEGA *___*
Der Regen, der Himmel, die Wellen. Ich weiß gar nicht, was ich sagen soll, thaha xD wie ein alter Ölschinken! Im positiven Sinne halt, was die alten Meister drauf hatten... krass! die Farben sind klasse, und es wirkt alles so malerisch..
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*puts mic close to your face* sir, would you be willing to share with us commoners the secret to your perfection?
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the powerful feeling of envy when i see paintings and think god damnit those guys drew with oil :stare: why cant i do this with all colors there are in the world . Digitally.

:blush: :faint: butomfg far..from perfection :heart:
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lets bother him into submission B)
CasThePizzaMan's avatar
im ready when you are >B)
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This is amazing! The detail in the ship and those waves and clouds!! :love:
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:bulletblack::bulletyellow::bulletred:...:iconplusfav:...:thumbsup:...:handshake:... Magnifique !
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Wow, das muss aus nem Film sein, absolut und total, weil woah. 
Die Musik lässt das alles derart bedrohlich und spannend werden, das ist unglaublich. Man kann sich diese Erzählung wunderbar vorstellen und die Crocus ist wunderschön. *-*  Das Meer ist traumhaft und sie wirkt so stark in diesem Sturm, sie strahlt richtig und erleuchtet das Wasser :love: Die Gischt scheinen Rosen zu sein, die ihr zu Füßen liegen. Traumhaft, man spürt fast den Wind, wenn man das Bild länger betrachtet. :3
abosz007's avatar
OHMMEEINGOTT du bist die reinste motivation T____T :hug: vielen lieben dank QQ Die crocus läuft hier gleich rot an xDD
GinasDream's avatar
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du genius
das schiff is saucool aber ich hab mich so in die wellen verliebt! wie sich das licht drin spiegelt und der schwarze himmel dazu. waaah gänsehautfeeling!
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You would think I would be used to seeing amazing things created by you.  And yet every time you post something I feel a new sense of surprise, wonder and joy.  You continue to inspire me with every piece, and I consider myself lucky to be able to see such beautiful things every day.  Thank you for doing what you do, Tyler honey, and sharing it with us.

Also - shut up and take my money.  This needs to be on my wall.
abosz007's avatar
this touched me so deeply idonteven QQ <3 

whatrly? :'D
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wow, really great this ship. :) 
thehe... i love the Crocus painted on the Sails of it^^
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