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RPS Brigade von Lockhart


an old char getting a ref and a time to shiiine!


Show Name:
 RPS Brigade von Lockhart
Stable Name: Brigg, Begemot
Age: 8 years
Gender: Stallion
Height: 170 cm 


------------------------------------------ SSS: King Louie 1171
----------------- SS: RD's Loucortée
------------------------------------------ SSD: Coritza N
Sire: RD's Lockhart Van Gogh
------------------------------------------ SDS: RD's Van Gogh
----------------- SD: Celtic's Mary May Flower
------------------------------------------ SDD: Celtic's Miss May


------------------------------------------ DSS: YFS Absint
----------------- DS: SS Jaegerbomb
------------------------------------------ DSD: YFS Quarantine
------------------------------------------ DDS: RD's Brisk Brigand
----------------- DD: RPS Becstelen Briganty
------------------------------------------ DDD: YFS Bacardi Sunset

Sire: RD's Lockhart Van Gogh
Dam: A Brigand's Loot
Breed: Swedish Warmblood

Character: confident, proud, moody
Talents/Disciple: Dressage

Genotype: ee/Ata/nf

Colour: Chestnut
Markings: big snip, 2 front socks, 1 back stocking

Owner: Damon Voinovich
Rider: Morgan Voinovich
Stables: Imperial Stables
Breeding status: Closed

Current Breedings:--



Dressage Pas de Deux- 2nd Place

Dressage - Subtop


Brigg © Cursed Pirate
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He is such a pretty boy ^^

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Oh my what a handsome one!

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he thanks a lot <3

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He is gorgeous! Such an elegant boy!

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He looks so good on his ref QQ ❤️

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What an elegant stallion

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SWOOOON what a handsome boy

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He is a very handsome lad!

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he thaanks <333

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