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Lyo's usual moodswings were nothing compared to the current one between scared and mad. Even tho he now mostly was irritated
he didn't knew if he should feel challenged, pissed, sad, devastated, forlorn or plain hysterical and panicked. 
Sometimes hed have loved to just scream and cry and hyperventilate from his fears to be alone,
the next moment he told himself that is immature that is not what a pirate captain is doing 8I
He realized he maybe became a bit soft over the years he only spent on the beach on Jamaica and Cuba....
all day just chasing girls and making stupid deals to bartenders ...also being a stable owner later had none
of the dangers he truly had as pirate about 200 years ago. He questioned himself what would he do..back then?
Afterall he made a journey from hungary to russia on horseback all alone, he talked to his horse.
He found another reason to stress the out because the horse he received from Damon was gone. 
No, he thought, maybe Zlati was with the herd..of course..where else would he be, he definitely was with the crew.

His injuries never stopped to hurt, in fact he realized he definitely had some ribs broken by the pain of breathing,
but he slowly became familiar with it that it simply hurt everywhere so why the heck bother. He'd eventually get home
and have all his girls back and his  wwwwwwaarm bed he wont leave for the next 6 months thats for sure. And Damon. He'd have Damon.
With that on mind he tried to walk back where he came from, except he had no idea where that was and he had
no idea why he came here at all - and blamed the concussion for these illogical decisions - also emptying his pistol to miss some shots on a rabbit.
It was not the injuries that was the worst, but that his bad vision in the dark made him completely blind most of the time,
he couldnt even make out the trees until he stood right in front of one and it only got worse from the hypothermia.
Those times he couldnt even see the own hand he held out, he sat down and waited for the light, sometimes laughing
how frickin unlucky he is, sometimes bothered by pain, sometimes by lonelyness and sometimes he couldnt stop the tears thinking of his family.

Eventually he got too cold to stay in place and walked along even if it was too dark to see,
when he heard a thud in the snow, something heavy..and something that growled.
He held his sword tighter and turned around to roar at the predator on the top of his lungs, a scary and highly intimidating sound
that was the result of all his frustration and anger combined.
The Mordingi startled for a moment, well a hototo never did that move on her before?!



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Jegmadarka's avatar
I just want to hug Lyo but to see all of these expressions, definitely adds more life to this and realism. No doubt being alone in the snow would absoutely take it's toll on someone, even a fierce pirate such as Lyo <3 I love the last scene but also how quickly Lyo suddenly goes from prey to predator! Suddenly a shock to the poor giant feline x"D
SolinaBright's avatar
Them expressions though. :stare: Absolutely fantastic. O___o That tiger looks so fierce and intense. This is gorgeous. Stunning work! :la:
abosz007's avatar
sevese's avatar
Schöne Porträtzeichnungen und der Tiger sticht wirklich eindrucksvoll aus dem Hintergrund raus. Sehr dynamisch dargestellt.
Mich würde ja interessieren, wie eine Schwertkampfszene bei dir aussehen würde, Posen und Mimik. :D
abosz007's avatar
uh danke :hug: boah ist echt...nostalgisch dein avatar wieder öfter zu sehen :heart:
Ahahha wenn ich bloß die geduld hätte für action posen daraus wird immer ein halber comic xD
sevese's avatar
Widersprichst du dir da nicht selbst? Statt einer Actionpose hast du die Geduld, einen ganzen Comic zu zeichnen! *es so umdreh und kicher*

Und awww. Das war jetzt total schön zu lesen irgendwie. Hug 
FlareAndIcicle's avatar
Awww, poor Lyo! You portrayed his mixed emotions really nicely!
Love that Mordingi too :heart:
abosz007's avatar
Thank you! still feel like i cant get his face completely alike on each pic 8'T
helllyees those are gorgeous  :faint: 
Jullelin's avatar
I like all the different expressions of Lyo's. And the Mordingi looks amazing in the shadows :)
abosz007's avatar
i am already sorry about the following scenes *hides face
MoonyArsaraidh's avatar
Oooh ich fieber mit und bin gespannt... wie es weiter geht
Harusarchus's avatar
Lyo sieht gut aus mit Drei-Tage-Bart xD
Hoffentlich wird er net noch schlimmer verletzt D':
abosz007's avatar
ich glaube da hätte er problem damit das sein gesicht nicht smoooth ist ID 
Harusarchus's avatar
Pffft solange er sonst keine Probleme hat xD
abosz007's avatar
derzeit schon aber wehe er ist in seiner gewohnten umgebung xDDDD
Harusarchus's avatar
Naja irgendwo muss man wohl auch Prioritäten setzen xD
saregona's avatar
Man that mordingi picked the wrong day to mess with Lyo. He's tired. He's cold. He's sad. He's gunna mess that kitty right up :giggle:
abosz007's avatar
THAT. is very true :lmao: 
Half-Tree's avatar
When I was browsing Jullelin's gallery the other day and saw the Mordingi art I was hoping we'd get to see one soon. They are such gorgeous predators, and the art is nicely done here. You really did the deadly glitter kitty justice. c: 

I have a feeling it will realize it has chosen a poor target as prey. cx
abosz007's avatar
i think they fit so nicely to the hototos! sparkly stripes : P

yes...yes that realization will come xDDD
Moonpaw449's avatar
Everything hurts, Lyo is suffering so much and it makes me cry to see him this way.
abosz007's avatar
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