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Character  William RodriguezCharacter  Sam SommerLocation  Cor de Leon, Spain
Previously: Run Aground by abosz007

After some hard work comes some hard relax, right?

William had some NERVES running wild to be representing at a big race since a WHILE.
Their new hopeful champion "Ever Given" was delivering an interesting start and he helped
to keep in touch with other stales during the event. Luckily Sam was around just at the right time
to offer finding a more secluded place for a cigar and some wine.
The CdL offered many areas to chill out so they found themselves in one of the courts,
having a lazy chat in the afternoon sun. It was simply refreshing and always a delight
to hang out with the childhood friend <3


Mendos version <3: Chillout

COLLLAABBBB with Mendokusee :dummy:
Sam resides with her and William with me ID

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I love this drawing of these two bois ^^ A really neat little scene ^^

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oh what a relaxing time. This came out great

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Oh man this looks so calm and cozy, just sit down and chill with some wine and a couple cigars. It looks like such a good time <3

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one just wants to join ID

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If it weren’t so hot out, I’d be doing this too.