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Black Knight at Royale Pirate

i never though i will draw Blade at RPS xD.....


On one very hot and humid day, Brandy was taking Duardo away from the pasture. Lyo and Pirate just brought down 4 other horses. A spring-thunderstorm showed up on the horizon slowly.

The first cool breeze that came from the dark coulds, also brought some hoof-trembles comming from the hillside. Brandy stood there with the stallion, and watched in the direction of the Cursed Path. He expected Pirate and Lyo to come on horseback, but a Blonde man showed up, in his company a guy with long black hair. Both had two horses's lead rope in their hands. Brandy watched them with a stoned glance.

Blade: *stops after some kick outs of his horse* Ahoy or how you Pirats use to say. HORSE delivery. Where's your bloody captain?

Brandy:....he..just...went. down. Can i help you? :meow:

Blade: ahaha. maybe i am that lucky and don't have to see him xD. Just..take these Horses...*gives the lead rope of the Bay Roan to Brandy, then nodds to Juan, he should also give it to Brandy. Without a Voice, Juan handed the rope to the Hippie.*

Brandy:..wait..argh...can't hold 3 horses man..aaand..what should i say..?

Blade: kissies to Converse and 7C. thhhehee. Is that a spanish Mustang? :D

Brandy: yes he is :la:

Blade: you know what imma...take him .. *takes the horse and is about to go*

Brandy: o. kay. Oo. *strokes the two new horses* Lyo knows about this trade?

Blade: SURE. we had a nice talk on the phone :D *his horse began to be inpatient and pranced around whinnying* Sorry. We have to go, that thunderstorm looks pretty ugly.

*As Blade pushed his horse down the Path, Juan waved to the silver maned horse. He really began to like him in this short time. He couldn't resist to make some groundwork with him xD*

On the way down, as unlucky they where, they met Lyo and Pirate.

Pirate: :O oh my...

Lyo: OHAI :la: Bladey! why don't you tell us you come NOW xD we'd be more prepared...for your visit.

Blade:....aaaaah..we..are in...hurry. Next time maybe. the two Snow Mustangs are with your Hippie-friend. i swear that shirt just burned out mah eyes. *Juan smiled around deviously*

Pirate: oh NOOO. come on stay a bit :la: Anya will be so happy..she is just about to make some cherry pie...daw...dimitri..please...

Lyo: HEY. isn't that Duardo. what the hell are you doing with him?

Blade: trade. you got two Snow Mustangs, i get one Spanish Mustang. isn't fair but well..i am that nice.

Lyo:....a a a.....just give that rope to me back, there was no deal about-

Blade: See you guys. *walks off*


Pirate: i guess he can :D *points after him* He was partly my horse anyways and IIIII gladly give it to him.

Lyo:....HAH. don't you want to give him the whole stable??? *is cursing around and walks up the hill to bring down the other horses*


:star: Silver Seal Bay Roan will go to DLS :D
Colour: Silver Seal Bay Roan OR Silver Seal Bay going grey
Eye Colour: blue-ish green.
Height: 167 cm
Personality: very intelligent and leader type. He feels threatened by men with strong personality. Most of the time active and lively and on the meadow he could try to attack other stallions with high position, and defend weak horses.

:star: Seal Bay Roan will stay at RPS :meow:
*temporary ref*

Name: RPS Novosibirsk
Breed: Obertaurer (pure)
Colour: Seal Bay Roan
Height: 172 cm
Discipline: Crosscountry, Endurance

These two Pure snow mustangs, had been found by one of Blade's Pilots in Nowosibirsk, Russia. Both are around 5 years old and had a really long way behind them.


Juan & Blade © by the Cursed Pirate, PRIVATE CHARACTERS
NOT FREE FOR GIFTARTS, please do not draw them, do not submit this pic anywhere.

Brandy, Duardo, Nova © Cursed Pirate
Unnamed Obertaurer © by *life-d-sign
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GabiHorseArt98's avatar
Hahaha I ride a horse just like the flaxen chestnut one :XD:
sombra-khenney's avatar
the two bays "WHY THEY SO SMALL?"
MissDudette's avatar
Look at teh handsome devils. XD

deeohtee's avatar
they `re soooo purdeeeeeey!
freedomheart's avatar
oh my, snow mustangs are the most beautiful horses EVA! :la:
Horsey-Girl-Higgs's avatar
All beautiful horses :love:
LiveWild4Ever's avatar
OH, JUST WOW!!! How in the world have you drawn that?!?!? It's just so amazing! <3
katehorsefan's avatar
Egyre jobb és jobb vagy. :meow: Annyira imádom, ahogyan az arckifejezéseket csinálod. Te annyit rajzolhatsz, hogy jézus...
BloodyLys's avatar
Wiiiesoo bekommt ausgerechnet DLS den schönsten aller Snowmustangs?? X'DD Poaah, ich glaube, schöner geht's gar nicht... und dieser Charakter erst! :faint: na warte, wenn den Tyler zu Gesicht bekommt... der zieht das gleiche ab, wie Blade mit Duardo. XD
life-d-sign's avatar
das kannste knicken, wenn den einer klauen will dann gibts das nächste duell, aber diesmal mit ANNA!!!!!!
BloodyLys's avatar
loool... ich schmeiß mich weg, wenn ich mir dieses Bild vor Augen halte; Tyler wird von Anna vermöbelt! :rofl:
Wäre aber auch mal ineressant, Anna als Furie zu sehen. Eine ganz neue Facette von ihr...:P
life-d-sign's avatar
rofl, die facette werden wir auch noch sehen^^
Soutasy's avatar
DUAAARDDOOO! :noes:. He's so sexy..! :la:
Lol, I just LOVE the scene where Blade just ride away with Duardo.. Priceless! :lmao:. Poor Lyo! :giggle:.
AMAZING pic! :la: Good, Juan is so super hot..! :faint: And Brandy is just so loveable! :D So friendly..! If he lived in real life, we would have so much to talk about! :meow:. The two new horses looks amazing! :la:. What would the one who stays at RPS do? :D I'm curious! :meow:.
Love it! :heart:
TaoChanChan's avatar
Brandy is abe rleicht bekleidet!

Ich mag die Darstellung von Blade! Gleichzeitig als Mensch und Pferd passen die Ausdrücke natührlich wundervoll zusammen!
UndJuan ist wie immer wunderhübsch! 8D
abosz007's avatar
vielen daaank :glomp:

öm wie würde Sima eigentlich als mensch aussehen..?
TaoChanChan's avatar
Ich hatte sie doch mal zusammen mti brandy gezeichnet! xD
Sehr weibliche Figur, lange Haare mit gestuftem Ponny zur rechten Seite.
Haare wie ihre Mähne~
Joah und sie trägt nur Kleider, oder männerklamotten! xD
abosz007's avatar
das war aber urlang her, ich kann mich an das bild selber erinnern aber an die gesichter und so nicht wirklich :roll:

hmm..danke ^^
TaoChanChan's avatar
ich meine es wäre ncoh in meiner gallerie oô
Aber is ja wurscht xDD
Weshalb fragst du? ^^
Lychnobia's avatar
Ich mag das schwarze Pferd :>
Hao13's avatar
Wow :wow: I like it :love: :+fav:
Kukulein's avatar
Diese Gesichtsausdrücke von den pferden! :love:

Dein Stil ist einzigartig, ich bin ein sehr großer Fan von dir! :w00t: :hug:
waxwiing's avatar
the unnamed one is beautiful ;u; <3
horsesrlife's avatar
Lol I'll just take that horse... yeah thanks.
Great drawing, beautiful horses. :)
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