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Yep, this is the one everyone's been talking about :iconmspafaceplz:

Can you believe I sent this out into the universe ten years ago? You can't imagine what I got back. This picture defined me for better or worse for a decade but it's time to ride off into the sunset
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ayevuh1New Deviant

This is by far the ugliest picture I have ever seen in my life. Why does everything look so dark and greasy? Why are their faces so musty? This entire picture is just so hard to look at. Whoever's responsible for this deserves to be put in time out. 0/10 I don't enjoy this at all >:(

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im *extremely* late to the party, but as a trans man, theres literally no problem w this. if youre cisgender and saying thats transphobic, then youre being transphobic for speaking over the voices of actual trans ppl. anywayz boys in skirts 2020 :D

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JojotoPepLolYechHobbyist General Artist
i'm traumatized
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RankIIHobbyist General Artist
But wwhy?
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i wake up and see jade staring down at me with that exact face
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ashackermanHobbyist Writer
as a trans person

this is fucking hilarious thank you
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How is this offensive, or making a joke out of trans people? I was under the impression that Eridan was just. I don’t know. Wearing a skirt and going “fuck the police”. I don’t see a problem here regarding trans. stuff, and I am that. I am trans stuff. So dude like to wear skirts. I know plenty of dudes who like to wear skirts. Skirts are pretty. Eridan likes to look pretty, and he likes wearing skirts, where the *actual fuck* does anything about transgender come in?
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i think my only problem with this picture is that i have serious doubts kanaya would approve of rose's outfit...but i always wondered about the source of march eridan! mystery solved, thanks.
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TruustislikeamirrorHobbyist General Artist
I think that's Dave...
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is it? i couldn't tell. that would almost make more sense, in a way...
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N0p3. 7h47 h45 70 83 R053. 7h3 3y35 4r3 purpl3. D4v3's 3y35 4r3 r3d. 
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kitten226Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry to be a bother, but...
terezi only uses
4=A 1=I and 3=E
She does not use
7=T O=0 5=S 8=B etc
it makes it a lot harder to read when you do that and in general it's not canonically correct
sorry to be a bother, but...
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I'm sorry it took so long to reply(I'm on Tumblr much more then here), but I thought I would just 'cuz I can. :)
I just wanted to say that I was not trying to be canonically correct or even be Terezi at all. I just liked using this type of L337 whenever I could. Sorry if it bothered you that much.
P.S. I guess if it had to be like a Homestuck character, then it would be Mutuna. He's awesome. :D
P.S.S. You're not a bother....
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kitten226Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, sorry!! I saw the leetspeek and terezi pfp and just assumed, aha ^^;
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It's okay! :) 
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Hawkfrost-LoveHobbyist General Artist
And thus March Eridan was born
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nightmareshadows11Student Artist
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AvalonRaeHobbyist General Artist
Eridan is not sexy. Well, some might think he is, but he does not clarify as "sexy" because you put him in a skirt. Eridan is a badass prince of hope who will shoot your guardian and orphan you because his ancestor used to do it. He wanted genocide. He wanted to kill an entire race because some of them polluted the ocean and because he viewed seadwellers as superior. He beat Sollux with science (magic) and knocked him out. He killed his ex-moirail. Then he destroyed all chances of the troll race coming back by destroying the matriorb, and killed Kanaya. He took down three trolls all on his own. He held onto his lusus with only his thighs and shot down a whale that was huge in comparison to him. Eridan is a strong and violent character, who, yes, enjoys filling his quadrants. But that never makes him a joke, and it definitely does not make him weak. His friends underestimated him, and you know what they got? Shot straight through the chest and knocked out. So don't you even dare make him into a joke.
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1 7h1nk Er1d4n 15 p1t1ful. H3'5 50 4l0n3. 4nd, 7h3n h3 g375 s7uck b31ng 7h3 'Pr1nc3 0f H0p3'. 17'5 k1nd4 54d. 1 7h1nk 1 p17y h1m. 
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ok, sorry, but comments like yours are what make the rest of the fandoms edge away slowly from homestucks. it sounds like a threat to the artist. and no matter how much you love or hate a character or a fandom, it's never a reason to threaten someone. 

and if you wonder what part of your comment seems threatening, it's the detailed, practically loving description of eridan's actions. that's...a little creepy, man. for future reference.
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Greaser-DeerHobbyist Digital Artist
Guys. Its a fandom. Not the bible, ok? Its not gonna kill anyone if ya crack a joke.
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MintWillowHobbyist General Artist
CALElDOSKOPEHobbyist Digital Artist
calm. down.
seriously, i think a little bit of every homestuck character is a joke.
and also, eridan was just a nerd who was upset he landed in the "friendzone".
your taking his entire character arc wayyyy too seriously.
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Homestuck is a joke.
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