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Reading Together, by Starkadhr



"What do you feel like doing tonight, my goddess?"

"I dunno, my darling little man. Maybe some TV?"

"Nothing good on... hey, I know! Let's read a book together!"

"Oh, that sounds lovely. How about something by the critically acclaimed subversive author of transgressive feminist size-porn, Aborigen?"

"You read my teeny-tiny little mind, goddess! How does 'Hooked and Compelled' sound?"

"And that's why you're my favorite, you sexy little doll."

[Boundless thanks to my friend Starkadhr for creating this lovely tableau of literacy and affection!]
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Could it be strange and hypocritical, if I'd put it between my favourites? :D
As usual, even in few lines, you have been able to do a masterpiece.

Anyway, I'm glad that you have liked this my little gift ^_^