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The Rebound by aborigen-gts, literature

Aviophobia by aborigen-gts, literature

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Heartstrings by aborigen-gts, literature

The Rebound by aborigen-gts, literature

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Aviophobia by aborigen-gts, literature

A Date with the City by aborigen-gts, literature

Hobbies and Passions by aborigen-gts, literature

Assception by aborigen-gts, literature

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I've been writing Size Fantasy stories for nearly 30 years. I say I'm a giantess writer, but most of my work has to do with tiny men having sex with normal-sized women. I got the band back together to write a Size-themed song, and I ran a flash fiction contest to encourage writers. A sequence of events have taken the joy out of this genre, so I ended my Twitter account and am looking askance at my DA account. You can find me at my blog or @Aborigen@mas.to .

Favourite Visual Artist
Milo Manera, Moebius, Geof Darrow
Favourite Movies
In Bruges; Delicatessen; The City of Lost Children; Spirited Away
Favourite TV Shows
Andor; Reservation Dogs
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
New Pornographers, Death in June, Ratatat, Air, Pixies, Magazine
Favourite Books
The Secret History (Donna Tartt); I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (Maya Angelou)
Favourite Writers
Gene Wolfe, Kurt Vonnegut, Shirley Jackson
Favourite Games
Paris, City of Lights; Boss Monster; Bananagrams
Tools of the Trade
Slicci pens, Pomegranate and Moleskine notebooks; Google Maps and GIMP
It's been a difficult few months, but it hasn't gotten me down. Moving in with Mom for a month, helping her heal after surgery, that wasn't so bad. It was peaceful, running a small household and existing without any obligations. My wife getting into a car accident, that was much worse. And finally getting into an accident on my Vespa, like I've been waiting for all these years, that wasn't so bad. It's annoying, and it's frustrating to lose much of the range of motion and strength of my arms, but it could have been much worse. I've helped people to heal for so long, I'm pretty equipped to take care of myself. But this thing with Stripe, suspending my account and eliminating my blog subscribers, that's really taken the wind out my sails. I don't feel motivated to write anything, there's no joy in it. I'm not intrinsically entertained by thinking of a scene and writing it out anymore. And this is just the latest chapter of a years-long struggle with Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, and
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Life's been getting overwhelming. My wife was in a car accident (she's okay; car is totaled), and I haven't been able to take care of her because I moved in with my mom to support her while she recovers from spinal surgery (TLIF). None of my siblings can or will step up to the task, just as they bowed out when I took care of Mom after her stroke, last year. There's no space in my cognition for Size porn, no writing, no art. I can barely focus on a book; I've been bingeing streaming shows, even shit I don't like, because nothing else is asked of my brain. All energy goes toward taking care of my family and keeping myself in shape for more of the same. Not that I owe anyone here anything. Not that anyone's expecting anything of me. Just shouting into the void, letting people know that life happens to everyone. If you think other people have it easier, probably not; if you're struggling and feeling alone, believe me, many people are struggling with huge burdens they never hint at. Be
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It looks like DeviantArt updated its Terms of Service some weeks ago. And you know that we all have a (deserved) reputation, as the online community, for never reading TOS or EULA or anything. We're all just "gimme gimme entertainment" and then we're astonished that someone's broken into our social media or something's installed in our phone's rootkit in another language. And fuck if we ever learn from this. Well. When DA updated their TOS, I decided to read through it and, to make sure I understood it, paraphrase it in my own words. I did exactly that, actually, and posted it on my blog. The thing to understand is that I'm a copyeditor, not a lawyer, and my interpretation is not legally binding or substantiated. I'm just reading their document and simplifying it for my own use. So, here, you can read my interpretation. The tl;dr of it is that you can only share artwork you created or have explicit permission to share; you cannot grab and use any artwork you see displayed here
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Thanks for watching 🤗.

Hello I really liked 'Holiday Bonus' I hope you come out with a part 2

Check out this very detailed GTS story.
"The Mysterious Island - Island of the Giants"

Thanks for watching!

Thanks for the watch! :)
About an hour to go (unless you are on eastern time) how is it looking?
I woke up to several last-minute stories, but I got them all loaded and linked correctly (I hope!). The contest has been posted, and now I'm spreading the news.