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Total Drama Prom Destroyer

Gwen says she was to be a “Prom Destroyer” in the song “before We Die”

Sounds fun, I would also like to be one, now where’s my lighter, toilet paper and black powder
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I'd like to de the same thing.

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I think I'd have to go with Owen and be a new food namer
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My absolute favorite:D
Yeah that's true. I should know, I slapped the queen across the face at mine.
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How to be a Prom destroyer-
Get your most faboules outfit ever.
Go tot the Prom.
Punch the Queen and kiss the King.
Burn down the entire school.
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Even if the King has hygenic and volume issues?
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Then no don't kiss him kiss the hottest guy in the room
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This is the best job ever. I destroyed my prom by pouring punch on the king...

  Somehow i got queen so afterwords I tped the place and set the toilet paper on fire
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Well it was really homecoming, but what the hell!
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I wanna be a lion tamer. *cough* Alejandro *cough*
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XD They told me I could be anything
So I became a prom destroyer
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baaasically just decribed my life right there xDD
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I really want to be a prom destroyer! =p
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now all you need is to think of what type of prom destoyer you will be. will it be the "eggs in the ballon drop", the "exploding cake" the good old "wet toilet paper on the roof" or my faverit, the " clean wrap on all the doors" (:

or a mix of them/ somthing elce, lol
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Lol so many choices
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Or maybe do what my dad's friends did to him:Trow eggs,water,flour and mashed potatoes at everybody!:)
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They got the mash potatoes from the garbage! :P
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I so agree with her, proms are for pussies
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proms are onley good if u have a bag full of wet toilet paper (or normal and wet it there), or/and a pile of dog sh*t

then again, i didnt go to mine, just hanged with my mates
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