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Never Changing
Little Stanley Heckle,
Couldn’t change a freckle.
Ran into a mama bear,
Had to change his underwear... – old playground rhyme.

I saw the lady, her arms full, struggling to open the door.
“Please, let me get that for you,” I said reaching around and pulling the door open for her.
“Oh! Thank-” her face fell as she turned to me holding the door open for her.  I expected that.
“…you.” The bear looked me up and down as she entered the office, clearly unsure what to think of me. I get that a lot. Some days it bothers me more than others. Anytime someone is in human form, they’re expected to be a holdout. Makes it tough on someone like me who can’t morph. I was ready for it this time, though.
“No problem. Have a good day!” with false cheeriness I held the door as she moved inside. I made sure the door wouldn’t slam as I closed gently it behind her. Most people don
:iconabnom:AbNom 5 2
They Are Able
They are able because they think they are able – Virgil
. . .
I blinked. It was all I could do now: blink. Blink to keep things out of my eyes, blink in response to questions, blink to try to shut out the world around me. Although that was more of an “eyes squeezed shut” tactic to deny I had no control over my life anymore.
It had been at an extended family gathering, not even a bad one – that was the last time I had any real control of my body. One of the nieces had come up to me and said “FAST:  Face! Smile, Uncle Ceece!” I did and she said “Arms! Raise your arms so they’re in front of you, level with your shoulders.” Figuring she was having me do something stupid, I went along. Finally, she said, “Speech! Say the “Mary had a little lamb” rhyme.” I complied, or thought I had. Then she hollered, “Fast – call 911 - Uncle Ceece is having a stroke!” and everything went downhill from there
:iconabnom:AbNom 12 14
Daring to be Dragons
The space ship echoed with a metallic shudder at the expected time of the breach. It was becoming routine. The CSS Rikicin was doomed. The terrifying last few weeks after the initial collision with some low-albedo space debris was over. The bottom of the commercial sower ship had been torn off, throwing that part into a black hole. The captain managed to avoid that fate but veered through the nearest system’s dense Oort cloud, which had beat what was left of the ship relentlessly. The damaging pass through the inner asteroid fields ended with a crash landing, something no ship of space had managed to do before with survivors. With no means of communication or ability to return to space, the abrasive dust and corrosive atmosphere were now eating away at the damaged skin and exposed metal, taking out sections at a time. Engineering was calculating the minutes it could slow the breaching of the rest of the intact sections, struggling to make each one as resistant as possible to the
:iconabnom:AbNom 13 3
Transformation Revelation
“Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!” Ingwe pulled his staff back and stared wide-eyed at Preto as she returned hers to a guard position. “I didn’t mean to hit you! Sorry!”
“Disengage,” Preto snarled as she pulled back a half step. “What do you mean you ‘didn’t mean to hit me!?’ That’s what you’re supposed to have been trying to do for the past three months!”
Ingwe lowered his staff and his head. “I mean I didn’t intend to hit you so hard. I’m sorry.”
Preto glared at him. “You don’t stop the first time you give someone a tap in a fight! If they’re not down, they’re going to come back at you with a vengeance! Now get ready!”
Ingwe was sure he had cracked a rib or two and hesitated, still embarrassed that he had hit his teacher so hard, then shifted into his stance.
Preto blocked his swing and jab with ease, head down, eyes up. Typical of her, i
:iconabnom:AbNom 9 8
The Search For Lucario 2: Dungeon Crawlers Begin
“This is it,” Ninetales announced by a large cave entrance. The Scizor trimmed a couple of roots that hung over the entrance with his claws.  Team Luminous stood staring at the gaping mouth of the cave that was waiting to swallow them up. Cody reached over with his nose to adjust the saddlebag strung on his side with his teeth. It was a pain not having hands for that, but it was the same for Mark, Clancy, and Varesh, while Jim and Stacey had small matching backpacks they could easily adjust with their hands. The clasp on each was the symbol of the guild, a winged star over a Pokéball.
Jim pulled at his guild scarf with its embroidered matching symbol. He moved it around his neck for umpteenth time since he had put it on. Cody didn't feel the scarf as an irritation, despite it being over the charm hidden in his fur, and didn't see anyone else fidgeting with theirs.
“Do you have any other questions before you enter?”
“If I may,” Varesh said,
:iconabnom:AbNom 3 2
Brother Wolf - Chapter 2
Keith woke to the sound of the doorknob turning. Still sore, he didn’t move from the curled position he was in, eyelids only open enough to see his parents looking in from the door in the darkened hallway. 
“He stood still for seven shots, Rich. For a boy who hates shots, he was perfectly still and only really whined once. Seven shots! Plus a microchip insertion – that’s when he whined. No wonder he didn’t wake up for dinner. Otis said he checked on him while I was getting the dog license and he was asleep then as well. The vet was very careful, but to see him poked and prodded like that… I nearly didn’t keep it together, Rich. When she asked about the flea treatment… I… I just accepted whatever she recommended, barely understanding what it entailed. A passive acceptance - exactly what I tell people in the hospital not to do.” 
“I understand, Elle. I had the same problem when we got the leash and harness. It
:iconabnom:AbNom 11 14
Puk's Gift
Long ago, far longer than even I have been alive, dear one, before the multiverse was complete, the creator, Wa, worked to fashion all of the planets, stars, and dimensions. He (and I only call him a he because it’s easier to understand – we’ll get to that later) had already created all of the ‘ains, and was looking for much more to love.
Now the ‘ains were all Wa’s friends, and they had been given free-forms to choose what they may.  After a fashion, most chose a form similar to Wa’s, although they retained the ability to transform. But the last of the ‘ains, Puk by name, loved his ability to transform from one shape to another so much that he was unable to choose a regular shape, and flitted about from one form to the next, whatever came up in his mind. This annoyed some of the others - mostly Zur, one of the first ‘ains, who often avoided Puk because of it. (You see, once Puk had changed into a mountain right in front of him
:iconabnom:AbNom 2 19
Werewolf In A Can
Paul leaned back from his keyboard, stretching his arms above his head, then pushed his chair away from the desk, leaned forward and stretched them behind his back until his elbows touched. Four hours of debugging was more than long enough for one morning. He punched out for a break and got up from his little workstation to go to the kitchen. It was 11:30, and he was ready for lunch.
Telecommuting had so many advantages over going in for work. When his Silicon Valley company had offered the option, he jumped at it. His wife, Xana, wanted to move to a place with a thriving art community. They chose a small village in Vermont, and with the sale of their house in San Jose, bought a farm well outside of Craftsbury.
Other than the now-remodeled Victorian house and barn, and the couple of immediate acres with a spring-fed pond, they rented their surrounding land to the local dairy farmers, who either grazed their milk cows or gathered the hay.
The barn was now more of an oversize garage, stu
:iconabnom:AbNom 28 33
The Search for Lucario
“Cody! Come down here and finish your chores!” Bea hollered again from the bottom of the stairs. Cody turned over in his bed to face the wall to ignore his little sister, groaning, “Coming.”  She was the last person he wanted to hear from, especially on a Saturday morning when he’d been up most of the night, but the light leaking from the window curtains wouldn’t let him go back to sleep  - nor would his parents, who had this thing about earning allowances.
His Mom called a few minutes later through the closed door, “Cody, it’s 11 o’clock and you need to get up and eat breakfast so you can put away the dishes from the dishwasher, vacuum the family room, and mow the lawn before you do anything with your friends. I need the dishwasher emptied so you can put this morning’s dishes in.”
“Why do I have to put the dishes in after I take them out?” Cody moaned from his pillow.
“Because it was full of
:iconabnom:AbNom 11 25
Toph had wanted to escape. Escape humanity, escape its society, escape its norms, its societal conformity, its conflicts, its utter disregard for what it did to its planet and its people. The loss of beauty, of brotherhood, the basic ability to care for one another in the goal of narcissistic nationalism that had broken out once again. There was also the leadership’s inability to look after their affected constituents in their own greed while ignoring the basic rights of self.
He had advantage. He knew that. But he felt conflicted, unable to turn his advantage into a real source of change for a world that no longer felt like a home, no longer felt like it could accept his differences, his concerns.
So he spent his time and resources in his lab to develop the way to escape.
Whether it was due to his being a freethinker or the collection of resources, his project had been detected by the leaders. He didn’t know if they just wanted to squelch his plan or use it to infect more
:iconabnom:AbNom 8 7
Night Fox
Contacting his extremities, we become cognizant. Black goo gathers on feet and hands.
Coated, they reshape to our requirements. Rubbery paws and claws form. We spread up limbs, redesigning as needed. Faster on the legs, we meet. Our glorious black tail extrudes. It connects to his nervous system. He slowly becomes aware.
He drank too much. His resistance is weak. We take control. Inky coalescence binds his chest. Increasing muscle mass, we grow as one. We coat his head, tasting his defiance. Together snout and ears configure, concealing him.
Our red eyes shield him. Dazzling sharp white teeth smile in anticipation. Now trapped within, his struggles cease. We are Night Fox. All contained respond to our control.
:iconabnom:AbNom 1 4
Philadelphia Griffin
Renee’s Flower Shop was open, but she held the door handle and kept it locked with me standing outside.
“Go away, Ted. I haven’t changed my mind, and you’re not going to change. We’ve been through this. I don’t want you to come here anymore.”
I stood there for another minute, looking at my ex-girlfriend. We’d been together for nearly two years, but this thing had built up between us. In all honesty, I couldn’t blame her at all.
“I’m sorry, Renee,” I said. “I just wanted to try-“
“No Ted. You’ve tried before. Something always comes up, something you can’t explain… something more important than me. You’re a great guy, Ted. I just need someone more reliable, who doesn’t disappear for hours or more at a time. It’s been a month now. If you can explain things differently, I’ll listen. But otherwise, goodbye, good luck, and stay away. Besides, aren’t you sc
:iconabnom:AbNom 10 10
E-Venn Now
Maggie sat up on her bed as her husband of 28 years came in with a tray. The smell of fresh biscuits, scrambled eggs, ham, and coffee greeted her as John said, “Happy birthday, Honey.”
“Why do I never hear you get up when you do this?” she asked as he brought the tray to her.
“Because you’re too tired from staying up so late, and you’re not used to getting up in the morning anymore,” he responded as he sat the tray in front of her. Pulling the pillow from his side of the bed he tucked it in behind her, giving her a quick kiss before leaving her to her breakfast.
She smiled, but wondered how they had gotten to this point. The kids were gone – the last one was finishing up her third year at university. They should be looking at retirement. But the years hadn’t been as kind as they should have been.
The morning’s little gesture of his was nice when it happened, but they were rare, and he never seemed to think of anything be
:iconabnom:AbNom 12 10
Lonely Larry and the Earworm
Larry crossed back into North Carolina for the umpteenth time, the view of the Smoky Mountains sprawled out before him lightly shrouded in their characteristic mist. The Appalachian Trail, or “AT” had wandered back and forth between the two states here for most of the border adjacent to Tennessee. In the more than three months since he had left Mount Katahdin in Maine he had covered better than three quarters of the trail towards Springer Mountain in Georgia. To hike the entire AT in one trip had been a personal goal for years, and he had planned and re-planned it before collecting the permits needed for use of the shelters for this year, using different names.
Part of the reason for the trip was to escape the debts he had racked up. His thoughts were that no one would bother coming after him because individually they were all small and spread out, and the hike would put him off the grid for a good four months. He would change his name and start over again in the South, avo
:iconabnom:AbNom 3 5
You! Get! My! Powers!
“Our contestant today considers herself to be a self-made woman, presently making her own way through the corporate jungle.”
“Right you are, Draco! Valerie Kingston maintains this modest but modern apartment you see here, routinely volunteers her time with local community service projects, and makes it to the gym five times a week! Just this morning she was working with a local school’s Adopt-A-Highway program with the kids, picking up trash, cigarette butts, and making the world a better place! Sweaty and dirty work, but thank goodness someone like her cares enough to try!”
“That’s true, Genie. But she picked up a bonus this morning, didn’t she? Because while working through all of that, she found our bottle! She took it home and cleaned it up.”
“You betcha! And what an unusual bottle it is! A beautiful blue-green conical shape with gold highlights and intricate curlicues of ancient arabesque detailing, hidden from mankind fo
:iconabnom:AbNom 19 17
Brother Wolf
“Come on, Otis! It’s not that far!”
Otis looked at the lonely, tree-filled island out in the middle of the placid lake. It was about a half-mile from shore, maybe a little less. “I can swim it, Keith. But I don’t think you can!” Otis finished with a splash as he ran into the water, starting the race.
The two fraternal twins were evenly matched despite their different looks, taking long strokes across the still water. Keith with his taller, skinny frame and blond hair, Otis being a little shorter, rounder, and dark haired. They were sharing a remote cabin with their parents for the week, in the middle of their move across the states from the West coast to the East. “A week of complete disconnection,” what was their father had said, and it truly was. The only electricity the little cabin had was from a generator. A pump brought water from the lake up to the kitchen, and the stove was propane.
The swim-turned-race took more out of them than
:iconabnom:AbNom 19 20


Takin' Out The Trash...At Ni- by Pheagle-Adler Takin' Out The Trash...At Ni- :iconpheagle-adler:Pheagle-Adler 95 37 Seven Billion Person Photobomb by fredrickburn Seven Billion Person Photobomb :iconfredrickburn:fredrickburn 25 6 Mission Complete by Zerahoc Mission Complete :iconzerahoc:Zerahoc 64 10
Inner sky
Laqa's first memory when she hatched was the cool breeze on her soft, moist scales, and the low hissing of the brood all around her. She unfolded her painfully cramped body, and took shelter inside the warm, comforting heap of her tribe.
For an eternity the tunnels were her world, the only place she was allowed to explore. Turi, Kigg, Esther and the tender Maki often came back from outside with little rodents to feed the youngs, and she gathered around them, all her brood gathering in a heap as the adults told the history of the world.
But her favorite tales were those of the Creation. Of all adults, it was the old Ostaha who told the best ones. Once she started speaking, the brood fell silent, and Laqa couldn't tear her eyes from the elder's rough, blind muzzle.
"A long time ago", Ostaha told, "Oomen ruled over the universe. They feared no danger, no hunger nor predators; they built taller than the clouds, dug deeper than the deepest tunnel a snake ever saw, and ruled over earth and s
:iconbahogar:Bahogar 9 11
The transformation challenge (Dragon into Knight) by phyrexianrevoker The transformation challenge (Dragon into Knight) :iconphyrexianrevoker:phyrexianrevoker 363 134 Werewolf Couple in Garden [Prize] by MagicalTF Werewolf Couple in Garden [Prize] :iconmagicaltf:MagicalTF 9 5
The Survivor
Tf- A medieval themed werewolf transformation
Note-This is an origional story, all characters are original
November 22nd- Year of our lord 1227
As the snowstorms obscure the passage of day and night, I can only guess at the date of this day, we measure the days by each time we stop out of sheer exhaustion. feel as if there is nothing colder than the blasted, godforsaken wilderness of the northern pass, and the men are looking like they would desert me and betray each other for even the slightest glitter of warmth. What scares me so much is that I would do the same, given any opportunity.
I don't know how much longer we can continue. The wildmen we were sent to destroy are more elusive than warmth, it seems, for each camp we manage to track down is nothing but spare scraps and embers from long gone camp fires. Such crafty and wild people are in their element here, far from civilization, and they elude us like sleep itself. The howling win
:iconawulfnamedloki:AWulfNamedLoki 26 5
Ladyhawke by NargilFlameWolf Ladyhawke :iconnargilflamewolf:NargilFlameWolf 82 21
Love, clothes, and transformation (part 1)
   " NEVER!!!" 
   " But dad! . . .  " 
 Leo King sighed in annoyance. This wasn't getting anywhere. For the past 5 minutes he'd been begging, demanding, negotiating, and pleading, but his father was as unmoving as the two stone statues that stood at each corner of his office. 
 " But dad, I like Amy!" Leo protested, standing weakly in front of the big, solid oak desk where his father sat. Normally Leo was a confident, bold young man who could intimidate someone with a single glare, but he was reduced to a shaking, nervous kid in the presence of his dad. 
Leo's father, Henry King, was a banker, one of the best in the business. He'd made millions in the banking business, inheriting and building upon the bank inherited from HIS dad, transforming it into the multi-million dollar business it was today. He had the athletic build of a professional bodybuilder and the voice of a cannon, and woe to those who got on his bad side!
:iconhow2101:how2101 26 1
Love, clothes, and transformation (part 2)
 Amy and Leo stared at each other, wide-eyed in panic. 
Amy couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was the first time she ever saw panic  in his normally fearless eyes. And not just panic, but raw, unaltered, pure FEAR. He was staring at her like she was some sort of monster, some freak that had no place in the natural world. 
Frantically, Amy pleaded with Leo, trying desperately to get him to stay. To comfort her. To go find suitable help that wouldn't be 300 guards all armed with Tasers and tranquilizer darts. To bring her out of this absolute, wretched nightmare! 
But all her pleading and begging just came out as growls and mewls, unintelligible to the human ears. In fact, her begging was counterproductive. To Leo, who had no clue whatsoever on the characteristics or behaviors of a snow leopard, it sounded like she was getting ready to pounce. 
" Uhm . . . nice kitty?"  He cooed softly, slowly backing
:iconhow2101:how2101 12 4
Kagemono: full version :iconotherwise:otherwise 8,886 1,211
BtEC: Chapter 4 Page 9 by IchikoWindGryphon BtEC: Chapter 4 Page 9 :iconichikowindgryphon:IchikoWindGryphon 30 36 BtEC: Chapter 4 Page 8 by IchikoWindGryphon BtEC: Chapter 4 Page 8 :iconichikowindgryphon:IchikoWindGryphon 20 61 Rip-Off (clean version) by nothere3 Rip-Off (clean version) :iconnothere3:nothere3 65 8 Howl (Animation) by MonoFlax Howl (Animation) :iconmonoflax:MonoFlax 287 37 Puro by RaLFFyKung Puro :iconralffykung:RaLFFyKung 206 14



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There’s a first time for everything. I have never done one of these before, so here goes:

1)    What is love?
It's the ability that helps people to forgive one another, to respect one another, and to serve one another, day in and day out. There is no relationship that won’t have some arguments or disagreements, so this forgiveness is necessary for real love, and is separate from the fawning baloney that some people seem to think love is. It’s a beauty on a different level than appearance, beyond faithfulness, and a strength that continues despite the weakness of one’s own body or spirit.

2) What music do you listen to nowadays?
I am all over the place. Classical, rock, electro-swing (yeah, someone got me hooked on that, not that it was a far leap for me), etc., etc. At any time I could be listening to ‘40’s music, movie/musical tunes, gospel, metal, folk, video game tunes, country, and western. (Whoever can’t appreciate the last verse of “You Never Even Called Me by My Name” by David Allan Coe just has no sense of humor.)

3) What's something everyone enjoys but you hate?
Gift cards. I feel like I have to use them up quickly before they start losing their value (some of the worst ones actually take money off after a period of time until they have no value left). And I really don’t need to get more things. Except when I do, and the gift card is almost never with a store/site that has the thing I need to get. Now cash - that I can always use.

4) What’s something everyone hates but you enjoy?
Hiking boots. I have a great pair of heavy-duty hiking boots that are really comfortable to wear. Granted, they don’t work on the basketball court, nor do they help much when I’m hitting the clutch driving my car which has a 5-speed manual transmission (‘cause they are big). But for normal walking, biking, and hiking, they are great.

5) If you had to make up a fake story behind how your username came to be, what would you say?
I’d probably cheat and use the story :icontimmichangas: made up about my name. I was talking about a wolf coming down a path towards me one time while hiking. (Turned out to be a wolf-hybrid owned by someone further down the path, but I didn’t know that when it was approaching.) Tim added to the story saying that it nommed on my abs, forever giving me the name…

6) Imperial system or metric system and why?

Being used to it, I tend to think in Imperial, but try to convert to metric when I can. My car has a mix of both, so I have two sets of tools (conversion doesn’t work there, though). I like the air temperature at 20°C (68°F). But I so much more familiar with acres, miles, and pints (plus they seem to work better in speech and writing), it’s hard to write in hectares, kilometers, and half-liters. (Walking a kilometer in someone else's shoes just doesn't have the same feel to it any more than ordering a half-liter at a pub.)

7) Do you prefer your narrators sarcastic, or dead serious?

It really depends on the piece and the setting, but generally, I don’t believe a sarcastic narrator to tell the story truthfully. It has to be very well executed and fit the part. If that’s the case, then I may suspend my suspicions about what they’re trying to tell me in the story.

8) Who's the character you have the most trouble writing/ drawing? (Personality, description, way of speaking, etc, something just makes them difficult.)
Probably Sarah/Preto. She has a dual personality for one, extremely afraid of letting her jaguar self out while training extensively to ensure she maintains control. But at the same time, when she is in her jaguar form she has much more self-confidence. She really wants to understand the whole transformation thing that’s going on, and has let that rule a good portion of her life for the better part of five years.  She’s travelled a lot, much of it related to her ability and trying to uncover records in places that one would never expect to find them. She’s taken chances to gain that knowledge, and still is doing so. There are aspects of her that may never come out in the story, and it’s hard to keep that buried down while she takes care of the here and now while still reflecting what makes up her. With her becoming a tutor, something she didn’t expect to happen, at least for a very long time, she’s finding that maybe the here and now needs to be looked after as well, since she feels really responsible for someone other than herself for the first time in years. 

9) When you type, do you accidentally type, "teh," instead of "the," or are you precise in your typing skillz?
All the time! I’m a terrible typist and I think I’m getting worse instead of better.

10) Least favorite book of all time? Like, the one that you would pay money to throw into a fire and watch gleefully as it turned to ash?
“The Worm Ouroboros” by Eric Rücker Eddison. Everything pointed to this being a book I should’ve liked. High fantasy. An entire world of its own. Hippogriffs. Tolkien even praised it. I couldn’t bring myself to even finish reading it, which is rare. Written in in sixteenth-century English, I found it difficult and boring. With the name, I expected at least one dragon to appear. That wasn’t the purpose of the title. If it’s your thing, well ok then, you are probably more sophisticated than me. (Oh, I probably wouldn't really burn it, but I'd be hard pressed to find someone who I thought would actually want a copy of it to give it to.)

11) Do you have any trophies that you display in your room? If so, which are you most proud of?
Not any more – got rid of most of them. What’s left is no longer in my room or visible to most visitors.

12) Any childish things proudly displayed in the rooms of 'responsible adults?'
Um, a Mickey Mouse telephone on the night table that we received as a wedding gift. Also a little ceramic dragon (in the dining room) I found in San Francisco that is standing with its hands on its hips (or where its hips should be) and smiling a very happy-looking smile at whoever looks at it because it knows something. It caught my eye in Chinatown years ago and I had to get it. Any other childish things are not actually displayed by said ‘responsible adults.’

New Questions! Let’s see…

1) How many countries have you visited (these can be for work, school, or holiday/vacation. Airport only visits don’t count! And you must have eaten at least one meal there in that country (outside of the airport) for the visit to count.) If you’ve never been out of your country, how many states have you visited (same rules apply). (Never been out of your state? How many towns, cities, or counties have you visited?) Most importantly, what did you like the most out of your visit(s), and what did you like the least?

2) Volunteers! What cause(s) have you volunteered your time or talents for, what did you do for that, and why?

3) Safety: April is smoke detector month! Do you regularly check or help check the smoke alarms/CO monitors in your house? Why or why not?

4) Oldest self-propelled vehicle you’ve ever ridden/flown/drove in. Other than the age, what made it memorable for you? (If you’ve been in old planes, trains, and automobiles, tell about ‘em all!)

5) Don’t ask how (or where it is), but you’ve just won the lottery! After taxes, you net a cool $200 million US dollars, or the equivalent in your local currency. How do you handle it? Do you keep your job/continue with school? What are some of the things you want to do with that cash, and what troubles do you see it causing you?

6) What’s the most interesting thing that you have repaired or helped to repair or build, and what made it interesting?

7) Do you believe and/or have faith in a higher power/God? Why or why not?

8) Pets: dogs, cats, both, neither, or something else, and why?

9) You’ve been granted the opportunity to transform into something else, for as long or short a time as you want, when you want, but only one thing and only once (no changing into a shapeshifter like a Ditto or a changeling like Odo.) You also have the option of choosing the length of time before or after you transform, but once it’s done, it’s done and you’re back to you, and you keep your memories throughout. What form do you choose to change into, why that, and how long do you stay that way?

10) What is the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done on purpose, what made it dangerous, and why did you do it?

11) Have you ever had a premonition or some strong feeling of something that you later determined was a premonition you could not explain in a logical, scientific way?

12) Winter in the North or Summer in the South (obviously I’m thinking North America here, but reverse it if you are in the Southern Hemisphere and adapt if you’re in Europe or somewhere else – we’re talking -40° winter weather not even counting the wind chill, and 113°F/45°C + high-humidity summer weather with serious rays), and why is that your preference?.

Hey, I actually managed to do this without a tag back, so there you go, :iconhorndragon6:

I choose you! 
:iconwhitanfox: :iconjuju712:  :iconnakkune: :iconbahogar: :iconmagicaltf: :iconconfusedkangaroo: :iconn-427: :iconclancy688: :iconryusuta: :icondkfenger: :iconsivlefred:
So you lot have 24 questions to choose 12 from. If you’re too busy, that’s ok. You do you. (I used up my writing time for this. Please don’t judge.)


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I only recently found your "Moonlight Angel" story and read it through.  Looking forward to reading more of Rohan's adventures and the long term story of discovery of his new self.
Ryusuta Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019   Digital Artist
That truly means a lot to me. Thank you. ;w;
Ocxin Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017
4 more days till the prompt on ShapeshiftersMonthy.
Or rather, 3 days till you upload your story.
AbNom Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017
Thanks.  Just did the upload.  (Kinda early for me, but this week is going to be way too busy to do much of anything on line.)  Plus I have classes starting as well.

Mine is no where near as dramatic as your story, though.
Ocxin Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017
Well, mine was done
in about three days,
so that's that.

As I said in the description,
I wanted to make the human
point of view the small one,
as I don't think anyone would
have done the same.
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