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Puk's Gift
Long ago, far longer than even I have been alive, dear one, before the multiverse was complete, the creator, Wa, worked to fashion all of the planets, stars, and dimensions. He (and I only call him a he because it’s easier to understand – we’ll get to that later) had already created all of the ‘ains, and was looking for much more to love.
Now the ‘ains were all Wa’s friends, and they had been given free-forms to choose what they may.  After a fashion, most chose a form similar to Wa’s, although they retained the ability to transform. But the last of the ‘ains, Puk by name, loved his ability to transform from one shape to another so much that he was unable to choose a regular shape, and flitted about from one form to the next, whatever came up in his mind. This annoyed some of the others - mostly Zur, one of the first ‘ains, who often avoided Puk because of it. (You see, once Puk had changed into a mountain right in front of him
:iconabnom:AbNom 1 3
Werewolf In A Can
Paul leaned back from his keyboard, stretching his arms above his head, then pushed his chair away from the desk, leaned forward and stretched them behind his back until his elbows touched. Four hours of debugging was more than long enough for one morning. He punched out for a break and got up from his little workstation to go to the kitchen. It was 11:30, and he was ready for lunch.
Telecommuting had so many advantages over going in for work. When his Silicon Valley company had offered the option, he jumped at it. His wife, Xana, wanted to move to a place with a thriving art community. They chose a small village in Vermont, and with the sale of their house in San Jose, bought a farm well outside of Craftsbury.
Other than the now-remodeled Victorian house and barn, and the couple of immediate acres with a spring-fed pond, they rented their surrounding land to the local dairy farmers, who either grazed their milk cows or gathered the hay.
The barn was now more of an oversize garage, stu
:iconabnom:AbNom 16 14
The Search for Lucario
“Cody! Come down here and finish your chores!” Bea hollered again from the bottom of the stairs. Cody turned over in his bed to face the wall to ignore his little sister, groaning, “Coming.”  She was the last person he wanted to hear from, especially on a Saturday morning when he’d been up most of the night, but the light leaking from the window curtains wouldn’t let him go back to sleep  - nor would his parents, who had this thing about earning allowances.
His Mom called a few minutes later through the closed door, “Cody, it’s 11 o’clock and you need to get up and eat breakfast so you can put away the dishes from the dishwasher, vacuum the family room, and mow the lawn before you do anything with your friends. I need the dishwasher emptied so you can put this morning’s dishes in.”
“Why do I have to put the dishes in after I take them out?” Cody moaned from his pillow.
“Because it was full of
:iconabnom:AbNom 7 24
Toph had wanted to escape. Escape humanity, escape its society, escape its norms, its societal conformity, its conflicts, its utter disregard for what it did to its planet and its people. The loss of beauty, of brotherhood, the basic ability to care for one another in the goal of narcissistic nationalism that had broken out once again. There was also the leadership’s inability to look after their affected constituents in their own greed while ignoring the basic rights of self.
He had advantage. He knew that. But he felt conflicted, unable to turn his advantage into a real source of change for a world that no longer felt like a home, no longer felt like it could accept his differences, his concerns.
So he spent his time and resources in his lab to develop the way to escape.
Whether it was due to his being a freethinker or the collection of resources, his project had been detected by the leaders. He didn’t know if they just wanted to squelch his plan or use it to infect more
:iconabnom:AbNom 8 5
Night Fox
Contacting his extremities, we become cognizant. Black goo gathers on feet and hands.
Coated, they reshape to our requirements. Rubbery paws and claws form. We spread up limbs, redesigning as needed. Faster on the legs, we meet. Our glorious black tail extrudes. It connects to his nervous system. He slowly becomes aware.
He drank too much. His resistance is weak. We take control. Inky coalescence binds his chest. Increasing muscle mass, we grow as one. We coat his head, tasting his defiance. Together snout and ears configure, concealing him.
Our red eyes shield him. Dazzling sharp white teeth smile in anticipation. Now trapped within, his struggles cease. We are Night Fox. All contained respond to our control.
:iconabnom:AbNom 1 4
Philadelphia Griffin
Renee’s Flower Shop was open, but she held the door handle and kept it locked with me standing outside.
“Go away, Ted. I haven’t changed my mind, and you’re not going to change. We’ve been through this. I don’t want you to come here anymore.”
I stood there for another minute, looking at my ex-girlfriend. We’d been together for nearly two years, but this thing had built up between us. In all honesty, I couldn’t blame her at all.
“I’m sorry, Renee,” I said. “I just wanted to try-“
“No Ted. You’ve tried before. Something always comes up, something you can’t explain… something more important than me. You’re a great guy, Ted. I just need someone more reliable, who doesn’t disappear for hours or more at a time. It’s been a month now. If you can explain things differently, I’ll listen. But otherwise, goodbye, good luck, and stay away. Besides, aren’t you sc
:iconabnom:AbNom 10 5
E-Venn Now
Maggie sat up on her bed as her husband of 28 years came in with a tray. The smell of fresh biscuits, scrambled eggs, ham, and coffee greeted her as John said, “Happy birthday, Honey.”
“Why do I never hear you get up when you do this?” she asked as he brought the tray to her.
“Because you’re too tired from staying up so late, and you’re not used to getting up in the morning anymore,” he responded as he sat the tray in front of her. Pulling the pillow from his side of the bed he tucked it in behind her, giving her a quick kiss before leaving her to her breakfast.
She smiled, but wondered how they had gotten to this point. The kids were gone – the last one was finishing up her third year at university. They should be looking at retirement. But the years hadn’t been as kind as they should have been.
The morning’s little gesture of his was nice when it happened, but they were rare, and he never seemed to think of anything be
:iconabnom:AbNom 9 10
Lonely Larry and the Earworm
Larry crossed back into North Carolina for the umpteenth time, the view of the Smoky Mountains sprawled out before him lightly shrouded in their characteristic mist. The Appalachian Trail, or “AT” had wandered back and forth between the two states here for most of the border adjacent to Tennessee. In the more than three months since he had left Mount Katahdin in Maine he had covered better than three quarters of the trail towards Springer Mountain in Georgia. To hike the entire AT in one trip had been a personal goal for years, and he had planned and re-planned it before collecting the permits needed for use of the shelters for this year, using different names.
Part of the reason for the trip was to escape the debts he had racked up. His thoughts were that no one would bother coming after him because individually they were all small and spread out, and the hike would put him off the grid for a good four months. He would change his name and start over again in the South, avo
:iconabnom:AbNom 3 5
You! Get! My! Powers!
“Our contestant today considers herself to be a self-made woman, presently making her own way through the corporate jungle.”
“Right you are, Draco! Valerie Kingston maintains this modest but modern apartment you see here, routinely volunteers her time with local community service projects, and makes it to the gym five times a week! Just this morning she was working with a local school’s Adopt-A-Highway program with the kids, picking up trash, cigarette butts, and making the world a better place! Sweaty and dirty work, but thank goodness someone like her cares enough to try!”
“That’s true, Genie. But she picked up a bonus this morning, didn’t she? Because while working through all of that, she found our bottle! She took it home and cleaned it up.”
“You betcha! And what an unusual bottle it is! A beautiful blue-green conical shape with gold highlights and intricate curlicues of ancient arabesque detailing, hidden from mankind fo
:iconabnom:AbNom 16 17
Brother Wolf
“Come on, Otis! It’s not that far!”
Otis looked at the lonely, tree-filled island out in the middle of the placid lake. It was about a half-mile from shore, maybe a little less. “I can swim it, Keith. But I don’t think you can!” Otis finished with a splash as he ran into the water, starting the race.
The two fraternal twins were evenly matched despite their different looks, taking long strokes across the still water. Keith with his taller, skinny frame and blond hair, Otis being a little shorter, rounder, and dark haired. They were sharing a remote cabin with their parents for the week, in the middle of their move across the states from the West coast to the East. “A week of complete disconnection,” what was their father had said, and it truly was. The only electricity the little cabin had was from a generator. A pump brought water from the lake up to the kitchen, and the stove was propane.
The swim-turned-race took more out of them than
:iconabnom:AbNom 12 13
Bus Trip
Ricky looked for the bus number that matched his ticket. The Chicago bus terminal was huge, and made no sense to him. Not that even being here made much sense. Only 30 minutes ago he was on the Navy Pier and finally made up his mind he was going to leave this place. Decisions like that were hard. It had taken him over a month to finally make up his mind to leave, so he didn’t want to extend his stay any longer by missing the bus out of here. He could afford a ticket as far as Seattle, so he had bought a ticket to Seattle. He couldn’t explain why it seemed like the thing to do, but it was done. That didn’t leave him with much cash but he’d figure something out once he got there in a couple of days. He usually did.
Finally finding the express he was looking for he climbed aboard and showed his ticket to the driver, who glanced at it and him, and checked him off the electronic list.
“Wi-Fi’s out,” the driver said to him.  Of course it was.
:iconabnom:AbNom 11 7
Werewolf Rescue
Agnes pulled out the old, worn Florida Atlas and Gazetteer. She wasn’t about to start using a GPS or anything like that. Flying in a plane with someone else in control was stressful enough, and Florida drivers? This trip already had her so stressed out she was ready to bite someone’s head off if they crossed her the wrong way. A little searching and she found Wolf Creek. She grimaced to herself; werewolves and their proclivity for obvious references. Highway 520 should take her there. The old ways worked fine if the roads weren't too new. However, when she came to the intersection she was glad for the lonely street sign that was present: 520 was barely a two-lane road that she turned onto.
There was a large farmhouse not far from where the road crossed Wolf Creek. At least she presumed the little depression was the creek she had been looking for. An inquiry at the house affirmed her reasoning - they directed her to Deer Park Road. Her potential beneficiary, Antonio Vilkolak
:iconabnom:AbNom 8 8
Bert's Silence
Bert was silent as he drove his new ’33 Ford with its V8 engine down the dirt road in the bayous of Louisiana, headlights shining through the dark under the silvery Spanish moss hanging from the cypress trees, body lying in the trunk, over a thousand dollars sitting under the seat. It wasn’t just a name that was given to him: Silent Bert was an apt description of the large, grim man in the well-tailored suit, carrying out his job with no sound or trace of the deed. He carried a gun – he wasn’t a fool, working in this business – but it wasn’t his tool of choice. Most of those who needed silencing never heard him coming, fewer still heard anything as he did his work, and none were heard from when he was done.
However, he was silent tonight for a different reason. He didn’t give much thought to his victims; it wasn’t part of the job, wasn’t part of who he was. This one had been different. The old, frail, man with a limp had known he wa
:iconabnom:AbNom 6 19
The Tholins of Teharonhiawako
She awoke in her quarters, an intravenous tube in her arm, a thin white gown covering her under the sheets that barely kept the cold air off of her, and the small area around her large bed enclosed with an almost clear plastic sheeting. With a slight cough, she looked from the tube to her thin hands with their delicate fingers, her nails smooth and short, and felt the restraint that held her loosely to the bed. The plastic enclosure with its concave sides, held a slight negative pressure from the rest of the ship, making her confinement seem even more restricted within the already tiny room. Looking more closely at the restraints, the fastenings were simple to undo. She started to work on removing one when the door to her room slid open.
“My apologies for not being present when you first woke,” said the tall, green-scaled lizard-like creature entering the room. He was dressed in white scrubs, booties, gloves on all four hands, and a matching mask covering his short muzzle.
:iconabnom:AbNom 7 8
Transformation Preparation
Transformation Station – Chapter 2: Transformation Preparation
Tim huffed as he ran through the woods, his breath making a series of little clouds in the cold air, the bare branches of the trees above him like a mesh against the overcast sky, the thin snow on the path even colder on his feet. “Oh, crap,” he thought, “she’s disappeared again! That means at any moment…”
“Hai!” Sarah dropped out of a tree in front of him, causing him to jump, trip, and fall on the snow-covered ground. “Hast mich nicht gesehen, Padawan? (Didn't see me, did you, Padawan?)” She offered her hand to help him get up.
“This is not what I signed up for!” Tim managed to blurt out as he fought to catch his breath. Sarah’s training program was worse than any school he had ever attended. He ignored the offered hand.
“It’s all part of the balance of your physical and mental abilities. We don’t know what can come at us
:iconabnom:AbNom 10 18
Visitor in Blue
Nafster had looked forward to a quiet day at home, a book he had wanted to read for a long time. The anthro snow leopard in his signature hoodie settled into his comfy armchair, a large mug of hot cocoa sitting on the side table, the lamp shining on the book as he brought it to his lap.
He hesitated opening the book, thinking. His computer was off. His phone was off. He had double-checked the stove after making his cocoa to be certain it was off.
“Ding, dong,” the doorbell announced the predictable interruption.
Perhaps he could just ignore it? 30 seconds passed, and the doorbell rang again.
No. Whatever it was, it could wait. No one had called, no one was expected, and nothing was scheduled to be delivered. If it was important enough it could wait, and he could get to it later.
Another 30 seconds, and again the doorbell rang.
Nafster sighed. Whoever it was, they were persistent. He waited a little longer, before finally opening the book in his hands.
“Ding-dong, ding
:iconabnom:AbNom 4 6


Puro by RaLFFyKung Puro :iconralffykung:RaLFFyKung 149 9 Ardghal's Tale by Nashoba-Hostina Ardghal's Tale :iconnashoba-hostina:Nashoba-Hostina 23 26 Arctic Kitsune [Prize] by MagicalTF Arctic Kitsune [Prize] :iconmagicaltf:MagicalTF 17 5 Playful [PATREON REWARD] by ARVEN92 Playful [PATREON REWARD] :iconarven92:ARVEN92 550 23
I felt a wave of disappointment as she tossed me away. Why did it always have to end like this? Why did she always give me to others? Didn't she know how what I could do?
Apparently not. Once again, she gave me to others. I felt the touch of rough gravel on my fur. The humans stopped. I could feel their shells. They were weary, possibly confused. I didn't really know. What I did know, was that they really, really desired what I could give them.
I will make you powerful. I spoke to the nearest one. His shell was the weakest, the ones at the front always were easier to convince.
I will give you strength. I whispered again, not to his ear, but to something deep inside him.
He grabbed my loose form. Yes, give me power. He thought.
Now the second question. How much?
All of it. His response was instinctive. For some reason, the ones with the weakest shells always wanted it all.
That was all I needed. A question answered. I could not act without it. I shatte
:iconn-427:N-427 13 19
The Cats: A Costume Shop TF
“Come on, Amy, we’re leaving.”
Amy groaned and set down her pencil.  At the moment her desk contained a lamp, storage shelves, a few souvenir roller coaster snapshots, a drawing pad, and a National Geographic.  The latter was open to a page with a running cheetah.  The top page of the drawing pad tauntingly displayed a half-finished sketch of the cheetah, daring Amy to defy her mother and finish it, yet making fun of her predicament at the same time.
“Okay, okay, I’m coming.”  She reached for her black hoodie, hurriedly yanking her arms through the sleeves as she trotted out to the front room.  Her mother and her little sister Lauren both stood there expectantly.  “I’m ready.  Let’s go.”
The late October air bit at Amy’s cheeks when they ventured outside.  She didn’t care much for the cold.  Admittedly, she could get overheated sometimes,
:iconfiliaflammae:FiliaFlammae 242 48
Kitsune TF for Catprog by Rei98 Kitsune TF for Catprog :iconrei98:Rei98 254 25 Brown Wolf Transformation 2 by Fox0808 Brown Wolf Transformation 2 :iconfox0808:Fox0808 147 4
Reality Shift
Light blue
Dark orange
It took Steve a couple seconds to realize that his vision wasn't a swirling mass of colors anymore. It took another second to realize that the blurry green color was trees swaying in the wind above him. This led to his next conclusion. He was lying on his back, staring at a leafy canopy above his head.
Which was weird. Last time he checked it was supposed to be winter right now. In fact, last time he checked he was in his bed, having just passed out after a short trip home from fencing, and a nice shower. Also, last time he checked he was in his bathrobe. A quick check confirmed that he was still in his bathrobe.
“I tried to summon a swordsman, but I’m not sure how well it worked.”
“Hay! Get up. I didn’t summon you just to lie around all day!”
A hand grabbed steve’s and pulled him to his feet. Standing in front of Steve was a panda.  She was wearing a pointed blue hat
:iconn-427:N-427 6 8
Writing a Transformation Story.

        As defined by TV Tropes, "Transformation Fiction - a genre of fiction depicting a transformation or shapeshifting from one form or another."

        As defined by 
CrazyNaut, "transformation story (also known as tf story): a story in which a character physically and/or mentally becomes something different, and the change to that is detailed within the story."

        As defined by ZalaCambio, "Often abbreviated as 'TF,' [transformation art] focuses on changing a being from one species to another; most notably involving a human becoming an animal or mythical beast of sorts.
:icongamerstories:GamerStories 33 18
The Tale of Mallory and His Wonderful Exploit
The problem with genies, Mallory decided, was the total lack of debugging. Now that he'd found one, he was determined to get the most from it.
The genie reared up in a cloud of crimson smoke. Mallory managed not to drop the bottle, a relic with the Seal of Solomon on it in beeswax. He'd done his research after all. The main thing that surprised him was the genie's appearance: a blood-hued cloud of twinkling stars with only the suggestion of eyes.
"Another master!" it roared. The cloud hovered above the bottle. Mallory felt it was staring into his soul by looking from another dimension, like a man seeing slices of cork under a microscope. Still, Mallory stood his ground.
The genie said, "Human, you are entitled to three wishes for my release. What will they be?"
And so the testing began. "Could you offer suggestions?" asked Mallory.
Its voice rumbled through Mallory's flesh and into his mind. "Wealth. Power. Health. A palace. A thousand _houris_ at your feet."
"Are those what people nor
:iconkschnee:KSchnee 6 5
Self Investment by Nashoba-Hostina Self Investment :iconnashoba-hostina:Nashoba-Hostina 146 13
Ninety-Nine Bottles
The shipping label had been thoroughly scribbled over. Jonas stood on a footstool and peered down at the address atop the giant wooden crate. This morning the box had just shown up, silently, waiting on his doorstep. Problem number one was that it had appeared right in front of the door, making it tricky to get to class. Once he'd squirmed past it, the second thing that bothered him was the THIS END UP arrow pointing the wrong way. The third was the label way up on top, and the fact that instead of his actual address it just said "Someone Silly". Apparently the post office knew just where to find him.
People were giving him odd looks as they walked by, one of them asking, "What, did you order an elephant for Christmas?"
"I have no idea," he said. "Do you know where I can get a crowbar?" He hadn't expected to need one today.
Soon the crate's side fell off with a thud and a cloud of dust. Jonas found only a cardboard box inside and a foot-thick layer of styrofoam peanuts. Baffled, he dra
:iconkschnee:KSchnee 17 10
Rule One
Hoses looped from one port to another and coiled in heavy lengths across the floor. Wires hung in tangled webs, connecting to plugs, to switches, to one another, snaking through holes drilled through metal and plastic and reappearing somewhere across the room. Lights blinked like eyes, and once-sleek machines filled the room with a low and steady rumble.
“This,” the old man said, “is my life’s work.”
Najma bounced carefully over a hose stretched busily across her path, landing light and easy on her toes. Rubén’s movements were less natural, though still practiced, as he took a long glide over to a bulky device in the center of the room. With some imagination, Najma thought she recognized a standard-issue main control unit beneath approximately fifty earth-standard years of modifications, add-ons, and improvements. She followed him and hovered behind his elbow, feet slowly drifting back toward the ground.
“Rule one: you don’t touch an
:iconoreramar:Oreramar 12 8
As he stood out on the rust-colored ice of Binney Planitia, Manu wondered how everything had gone so wrong.  He paced around feeling the methane gravel crunch under his boots as he gazed up at the endless stars.  The viewplate in his helmet conveniently offered the names of all the constellations he could see.  “Enhanced view off,” he muttered and then it was just him alone with the stars.  Manu took a minute to try and center himself.  The stars brought some level of peace, in contrast to the lights of Hotu Matua City off to his left.
Above him, the Go’e—the Milky Way galaxy—stretched out above it like a brilliant plume.  The Go’e was the path that the soul took after death.  Everyone would take that path eventually, Manu knew, even himself.  But would the entire Makemake settlement be taking it sooner than anyone had thought?
“Call up Shimura’s letter,” Manu said, as the text appeared on the
:iconlugal:Lugal 5 7
Tails on Humanoids Tutorial/Studies by Carolzilla Tails on Humanoids Tutorial/Studies :iconcarolzilla:Carolzilla 405 57



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"Awoo, Awoo!"

The sounds of the werewolf howling in the darkness outside my cabin door made me think. So The Changas (:icontimmichangas:) was officially offering a raffle, and all I needed to do was follow some simple rules to enter for a chance to get a TF story written by the author of such greats as "The Hunt (anthro arctic wolf TF) and Vacation with wizardry (leopard TF) as well as the continuing series Of Demons and Dragons - who wouldn't want to take a shot at that?

So I did, and here's the information with the rules so you can, too: TF story raffle!DEADLINE IS 10TH OF JULY, ENTER NOW WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!
Ooohh yeah, another one! Time for a new transformation story raffle! So, now now, let's explain what this is!
"TF story? Whassat?"
TF is short for transformation. Meaning, I write an animal transformation story where one or multiple characters turn into another species. This could be a generic animal like a fox, dragon, etc OR  a furry OC of yours.
"Alright, what kind of TFs can I expect?"
Only animal TFs. No inanimate or human-to-human TFs. The TF can end up with an anthro or feral character.
"How do I enter this? :D"
Simple! You make a journal with a link to this one and, if done correctly, it should tag me (if not, leave a link to your journal in the comment section) and that gives you an entry. You can get a second entry if you watch me. NOTE. The journal is compulsory. Watchers who don't upload a journal aren't automatically entered. Winners are selected at random. One story per winner; you can't win first and sec

Just do it before the 10th of July 2018.

Now excuse me while I take care of this werewolf at my door.  Let's see, 925 silver knife, revolver loaded with silver bullets, and fried chicken.  Lots and lots of fried chicken...
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Ocxin Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017
4 more days till the prompt on ShapeshiftersMonthy.
Or rather, 3 days till you upload your story.
AbNom Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017
Thanks.  Just did the upload.  (Kinda early for me, but this week is going to be way too busy to do much of anything on line.)  Plus I have classes starting as well.

Mine is no where near as dramatic as your story, though.
Ocxin Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017
Well, mine was done
in about three days,
so that's that.

As I said in the description,
I wanted to make the human
point of view the small one,
as I don't think anyone would
have done the same.
strst Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2017
do you like pokemon.
AbNom Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017
Yeah, there are some I like, but I haven't really played it, if that makes any sense.  I find the characters and settings interesting, and have seen some of the movies. I don't know most of the moves, and don't own any of the games myself.  Which is why the one story I've posted with a mega Lucario was a challenge for me: I had to research quite a bit in a short time to put it together, and I really don't know if I did it justice with the result.
AbNom Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017
Yeah!  Thanks!  I'll go through it when I get some time... Things are a little tight at the moment, but I'm still very interested, so appreciate the heads up.
timmichangas Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Don't you worrry, story isn't going anywhere :) Read it whenever you feel like it^^
Ocxin Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
Thank you for helping me out.
Here's a llama badge for your effort.
AbNom Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
No problem, glad to have been some help!
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