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SysInfo 1.0

By abndvr64
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So here is my first Rainmeter creation - I am not a developer but we are not doing anything crazy here - I would still consider this a beta compared to the experienced posters.

There is a good basic description on the preview image for you to read.  Like most downloads some basic configuration is required.  Tested this on XP, Vista, 7 and 8 - A few things will not work with XP.

This is a huge collection of simple string and meter options to let you use only what you want.

Put in as many options in as I could to make many things configurable to your background or theme.

SpeedFan is optional but required for fan speeds, voltages and temperatures.

The assumption is that you will merge this with your favorite weather app, media player, reader and launcher.


Please provide feedback, report any issues or even give feature requests.

I hope that at least 1 person uses this so I can see what you come up with in a screenshot somewhere.


Thanks to the Rainmeter team and everyone who has created something that I have used.

Take this, tweak this, make it yours and have fun...


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Hi ! why CPU temp allways 0? How to fix?

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Hello, is there any way to change color of skin?!
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One of the most complete info RM i've ever seen; impressive work!
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Where can we acquire the files? The "Download" Link goes to an "Oops, doesnt exist" Deviantart Error page.
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Is there anyway that I can get the layout shown in the demo picture above?
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I found the layout on my old computer...Now how to get it to you?
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You could just share it here as part of the sysinfo download.
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How many things. That did not understand.
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I learned a lot doing this one....I have created a new one since that I currently use.
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can u add GPU support to this. Like make it exactely like CPU just for GPU
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Yea, I will have to revisit this and add in some new and improved features as time permits.
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Wow.This is the third suit I actually see a purpose for.Shield OS,Blue Vision,and now this.I wish I had a big enough screen and CPU to cram them all on at once.
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Looks nice and works as intended but for some reason, I can't get any temperature or fan info to work from SpeedFan (4.51).  Any suggestions?
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Looks like I wrote this with version 4.49.  When you launch SpeedFan is it reading your system?
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Hi abndvr64,

Is it possible make to change reference to "Speedfan" to "hwinfo"?

I am not a programmer, I tried ... but I can not.

Can you make this change or tell me how to do, what to change?

Thank you for your response and congratulations for your work. This is, for me, THE skin
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gpu temp and activity? as in hist bar data etc /...exact copy of cpu but need the measurements changed to gpu....
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This one is my fav too.
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Thanks!  I should publish my new one and see if people like that as well.  Much more basic and colorful.
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Very, very neat! Kudos and thanks for putting his together.
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Definitely my favorite here; with that said, how hard would it be to implement compatibility with HWiNFO instead of Speedfan?
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