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Widescreen Monitor Rounded

:new: Now includes a rounded border and buttons!


You aren't allowed to claim it's yours, but you can use it commercially. Other than that, it's free to use.

2000x2000 (nice and big so you can make it as small as you need)

Made using Inkscape, this is a vector widescreen computer monitor.

It was designed after a 1920x1080 screen resolution, which is the size of most of the wallpapers in my gallery. Widescreen monitors using these general dimensions are also fairly popular, as well.

So the way I recommend using it is putting pictures in the screen area. Stick this photo into your favorite image editor (the image editor has to support layers!) and make a new layer over the screen portion of the monitor. Now you can fill it with whatever you want!

:new: Now I'm also including the Inkscape SVG in the ZIP file! Now you can put your picture directly in more easily!

I also designed it for my photos, so if you check out my other pictures, you might see this.

This was also designed after the computer that ~pr09studio uses in much of his works (such as this) and the computer that ~EldiS82 uses in many of his works (such as this) and I'm using this for the same purpose.

:new: Want to use this for a wallpaper pack? Check out my Wallpaper Pack Template and my Wallpaper Pack Template Round!
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i'm going to be using this for a school project so i'll pop in a credit for ya
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Sounds good. Thanks!
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Thanks a lot for using it! Nice art, as well. :)
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You're welcome, and thanks ^^
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Used for my wallpaper presentation here: [link] Just wanted to let you know. :)
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Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for using my work! :D Always nice to know! :)
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