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The insides of the creature in this image: [link]

The Parrot Flowerjaw is named both for its petal like mouth, and the earth parrotfish, and like its namesake it scoots around its environment picking food items from the substrate.

Its gravity-less gaseous home environment has led evolution to favor radial symmetry, and the flowerjaw can see in all directions with its four eyes while scavenging for food among the multi-kilometer long strands of webforest. Though occasionally alone, it is often found in loose flocks of thousands that descend on areas of forest and strip it of all edible creatures before moving on. However at only about a meter long, the Flowerjaw is itself prey to larger creatures and some of the more aggressive plants...

Internally as externally, the flowerjaw is divided into four quadrants, each possessing several organs. Four eyes are joined to a four lobed nerve ring, though a single digestive tract sits in the center of the body. Eight paired hearts are joined to blood sinuses, one of each pair pumping blood fore and the other aft. Four lung like sacks handle gas exchange, and are ventilated by expanding and contracting sacks along their edges, rather than use of a diaphragm as in some earth creatures.

Four fin-wings propel the flowerjaw in the manner of a cuttlefish or triggerfish and give it manoveuring ability in the sometimes tangled webforests.
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I love the speculation in this thread. Here's some more: What about a different universe with different physics where space is filled by some sort of fluid? Like the universe seen on Star Trek Voyager where species 8472 came from?