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November 14, 2006
Xenobiology by ~Abiogenisis is science fiction at its best. It's a breath of fresh air to see such a unique creature design, an interesting image description to match such a great drawing as well. Looking at this takes me back to my youth when browsing the bookstores for great book covers was how to buy novels.
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A large Earth-based company intends to use this gas giant in a nearby star system as a vast Helium 3 extraction and sales operation. However to do so the law requires an ecological damage survey to be conducted on the gas giant's moons, to be sure the operation will not damage any ecosystems on them. This large moon, only slightly smaller than earth, was found to have an advanced multicellular ecology.

The Sol Union Xenobiologist Makeba Sutphen was sent with the company when they left earth, to make sure the laws regarding alien ecosystems were followed. Here she is approached by possibly sentient natives of this large moon. Although she has a camera out now, if they get closer or show aggression she is well armed.

The species itself evolved from large aquatic creatures which resembled less broad versions of Earth stingrays. As they began to move on to land small feeding appendages on their underside grew into thicker organs to propel them, and the large side fins retracted and darkened to protect against solar radiation. Sensory appendages which stuck from the sides of the head and helped find food underwater become very useful for judging distance above water, with the eyes set so far apart.

Males, who had to compete for mating rites, developed these eye-stalks further into horns, and used them to scare off other males. They also developed a more upright stance to better compete for mates until the species was standing almost vertical. With a head now so far from the ground, the large mouth migrated to the bottom of the body, leaving the brain, eyes and breathing tube on the upper head, so as to spot danger and eat at the same time. Waste products are ejected explosively from the body from a pore on the back, to prevent contamination to the mouth.

Now able to walk upright and survive on land, the species spread across its world to become the dominant creature on the planet.

An alternative, warmer variation is here: [link]
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Looks like laythe from KSP

So I assume the company will go ahead and begin Helium 3 extraction then?:) (Smile) 
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I have always been astonished how toughtfully works like this have been made! I have always appreciated that! :D

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Alien time!
sugerdreame's avatar
the more i look at it the more im confused
Vizcexa's avatar
Is that water extractor from planet base?
Does the species have a name?
Starfieldhouses's avatar
This piece has been such an inspiration to me. The thrill of discovery, the alien atmosphere, the uncertainty of being in a strange and unknown place. I really owe you for sparking imagination like that.
gheddi's avatar
wow this has some super cool vibes man... i love biology and space and this has some serious HR Giger vibes man... love the picture
delaltuy's avatar
looks like strider from hl2
KennyWondershit911's avatar
oh look a alien gotta take a picture of it so everyone knows
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hey, I saw similar creatures like this in this game called "Pantropy" on Kickstarter. Did they have permission to use your artwork in the game?
Abiogenisis's avatar
Aye, they did. They made them look great too!
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Speaking of gamedev, i stumbled upon a game called "pantropy" on Steam, and they feature a creature on the screenshots awfully similar to yours.…
They even tried to match the angle and composition.

Just wonder, did you grant them rights to do that, or they are blatantly plagiarizing you?
Abiogenisis's avatar
Thank you for letting me know - in fact they did pay for the rights :)
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War of the worlds..
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This piece reminds me of the art in this great sci fi book. I can't underline here, but the book was titled Tomorrow and Beyond (1978). I gave it to someone; it is out of print but probably available online.
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