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Many birrin, being pleasurably susceptible to many of the psychoactive defence compounds found in their planets’ plants, have developed complex rituals around recreational drug use.

The practices are not universally accepted, and many societies have strict controls to reduce their economic impacts. Others embrace them to such an extent that they have become an essential part of the daily ritual, as is the case with the Southern Chey nations: Before and after work many Chey stop at their local smoking bars to partake in a variety of substances both inhaled and ingested. As community focal points, smoking houses are also places for social interactions, and as a way to prepare for, or wind down from, the days’ pressures.

Smoking houses have a long history, this example predating the widespread collapse of birrin society millennia ago. Restored by wealthy locals as civilisation recovered, the interior was painted a calming blue to lend an air of tranquillity. To avoid the smoke damaging their garments, many regulars wear blue smoking suits infused with years of volatile chemical scents.
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I like to have a cigarette-y every now and then

It helps me to unwind-y when the day is at an end

And if it gives me cancer when I'm 80, I don't care

Who the hell wants to be 90 anyway?!