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"A trimaran flies along the drowned coast of Tuktalli, kicking up spray with its four foils. Its biplane rig, with its close-set masts, is a fancy of a particular Matriarch and give the sails the appearance of two triumphantly raised wings. It works excellently… when running downwind.

However, all-conditions efficiency is not its purpose: to the birrin it passes along the ruined coastline it is a marvel; a sight not seen in a thousand years.

They wonder what will follow in its wake."

This piece is a private commission.

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What fascinates me so much about the Birrin is how this species and its society and its world feel so utterly alien, yet not unbelievable.

I would do terrible, terrible things to see some kind of Star Trek TNG-esque property featuring multiple species like them, completely different forms of life, all collaborating on some common goal.

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What is the Birrin spoken language like?

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Fantastic! Wonderful art!

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Splendid ! I wish I could be there !!!

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This looks amazing!

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damn that’s amazing

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Now this is a beauty

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Hey so I just wanted to ask what is the overall progress on the birrin book? This world is amazing btw I adore your art.

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Masterpiece on so many levels.

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Am I reading the descruption right? The Coastline citidel in the background is an abandoned relic?

I enjoy both the natural whiteout type wash of the image so typical of coastline sunlight, and the block lettering on the sail.

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Another fantastic piece of art. I love anything to do with Birrin.

On a side not, I'm trying to figure out how the Birrin are your own creation yet somehow this is a private commission?

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Simply put: like a snapshot of the experience these folks are having. Just the realistic high-visibility sails make me want to be onboard with them!

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Your work is incredible.

I love how in it isn’t just a single scene. If you look around, to me anyway, it seems that there is something going on all over the pic. Like there’s an individual story going on no matter what you look at.

Great job.

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Your artwork continues to be amazing. I potentially see some world building with them.

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Great scene. Looks like an interesting place they're visiting.

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hm well the ship is very birrin-like xD

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Wow!! This is really spectacular. It looks like an alien creature on a ship.

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