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Two Sky Bay

The birrin family puddle jumper floatplane motoring against the tide to find a good fishing spot in Two Sky Bay.
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I would love to see a technical drawing of that float plane.

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Im on it,
i like making stuff like that, ant im not a areonotic engineer but i enough to make it realistic ant functional enough But 1st Abiogenisis, may i ask foor permission to do that? It’s your work and i do not want to use the design whiteout permission.
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Does the floatplane have water rudders to help to stear on water?

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It sadly does not, the only purpose of seaplanes is that they can land ant take of from water, it is not necessary to add more rudders, since the main rudder all planes have is enough.
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That's not technically true. The De Havilland Beaver has retractable water rudders at the end of its floats. It's not always necessary, but it's not unheard of.

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Why is it called "Two Sky" Bay?

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Perfect reflection, of course.

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Would love to have that type of plane ^_^.

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I love how one of them is on the floats when the plane is on the move! :D Is the other birrin at the controls or merely keeping the controls steady?

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Love the mangrove-looking flora in the background^^

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Considering there's this fade to white lack of a border thing going on, is this more of an in universe painting commissioned by this family?

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I presume it’s the same floatplane from the last image.

The prow/cockpit (I presume?) is... odd, to me. It’s birrin-shaped. Like having the front end of an aircraft on Earth shaped like a human head. Is it just aerodynamic coincidence, or...?

Every. mech. Anime.

Honestly, humans will make human shaped robots, even if they suck at EVERYTHING

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Now this is a floatplane I would love to have!

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Looks like Star Wars but better.

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I really love how their aircraft look!

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Birrin go nyrrrooooommmmm~

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