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The Shadow of the Sun

By Abiogenisis
Life forms evolved for microgravity.

Two sentients shepherd a trio of flying life forms, who have angled their bodies towards the 'sun' for warmth.

In the far distance the forms of vast structures fill the sky.

No sentient living here has yet discovered their true nature.
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© 2007 - 2021 Abiogenisis
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xKamm's avatar
Sorry to say this on an old post, but even plants are sentient
You mean sapient
julien-ceasar's avatar
omg this is breathtaking. Your art is so unbelievably awe-inspiring.
KennyWondershit911's avatar
i'm getting xen feels from here
Abiogenisis's avatar
I do love the design of Xen...
KennyWondershit911's avatar
and then the apes from earth are going to put them in their futuristic zoo thing
Interesting.  :)
Cyansky95's avatar
Very peaceful feeling to this!
Abiogenisis's avatar
A benevolent sky 
philosopherraptor's avatar
Oh, this is gorgeous... I love the idea of life living on a gas giant, or at least in the atmosphere of some planet for their lives, and your execution is awesome! The way you make it look like an endless expanse of clouds is lovely, especially with the bright sunlight toward the upper right. The creature designs are epic too, with the SUN-fish (ha) looking creatures looking perfectly believable as the "peaceful" herbivorous creatures, and the two flying... crocodile, mosasaur, whale, living biplane-whatever animals feel just as tangible. This almost feels like something from an alien documentary, like this is depicting a hunt between a pod of killer whales and their future meals. I love the color choice, with almost everything being blue, aside from the bright white light and the orange and pink markings on the animals, it really helps them pop! Add to that the mysterious, ominous, and massive alien structure in the back to give it even more mood, this is one of my favorite sci-fi art pieces I've seen. Great work, man! 
Abiogenisis's avatar
Thank you! I aim to do more with this world in the future...
Berkenboschosaurus's avatar
how do you make these, these are really good
TimMeow's avatar
the sizes of these beings and the environment feel huge. you're very good at expressing size and depth
Abiogenisis's avatar
Thanks! Those are both things that inspire me in terms of landscapes
CartoonBen's avatar
:) (Smile) Those are cool looking creatures.
CartoonBen's avatar
You're welcome. ;) (Wink) By the way, did you take influence from angelfish to make some of them or did you take influence from ocean sunfish-shaped ancestors of sea squirts (Microscope in scientific terms of their phylum and subphylum that is)? (:study: if you don't know what I am talking about, you can look up vetulicola cuneata and find out for yourself. On this website or on google, yahoo; whatever you prefer doesn't matter :shrappy:).
Abiogenisis's avatar
Inspiration for this was a combination of siphonophores like the Bluebottle, and the floaters from Barlowes 'Expedition' 
CartoonBen's avatar
:) (Smile) Oh, really? That's cool. By the way, did you know that the Bluebottle and/or Portuguese Man-O-War are actually floating colonies of jellyfish, each fused into one?
Abiogenisis's avatar
Yep, cute little deadly zooids
CartoonBen's avatar
Nod That's true. Here's a little reference to an episode of Spongebob to relate to the reproduction of zooids from the Portuguese Man-O-War, now that I've read about zooids. Spongebob Squarepants - Spongebob icon (Spongebob: "Can you reproduce by budding?" Smaller clones of himself start sprouting from his head. Chusagi's LitterClones: "Can ya?" "Can ya?" "Can ya?") LOL! :D (Big Grin)
Zanzalur's avatar
I love this!

Most people fail at Alien looking Aliens, this is an example of a succesfull Alien!
Zanzalur's avatar
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