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The Kyrabilli

To see how I painted this creature, head over to Pheonix Atelier and sign up! I shall be instructing a class there from the 21st of October in creature design.…

The kyrabilli are a sentient hexapodal species about four and a half feet high, living on a small, warm world orbiting a slow burning star.

Although now technologically advanced, the kyrabilli evolved as environmental specialists who hunted for both animal and plant food across the extensive moss-like forest floors of their subtropical home. This soft sponge-like substrate played a key role in the evolution of the kyrabilli and their unusual needle like feet: The thin tips, unable to support themselves on the moss, sink into it several inches and are stopped from slipping deeper by a ring of tough, fibrous hairs. This provides some extra traction, but more importantly allows the thin and highly sensitive tips to detect vibrations passing through the denser ground beneath. By sensing the substrate in this way the kyrabilli can detect large creatures moving a considerable distance away while also communicating with one another via rhythmic vibrations through the ground. As their evolution progressed towards more complex intelligence, entire long range conversations could be carried on this way and thus the groundwork was laid for co-operative hunting and intertribal communication.

Whilst their stable environment made thermoregulation largely unnecessary, the kyrabilli are able to maintain an elevated body temperature when necessary by concentrating warm blood near the central organs and withdrawing it from the long slender limbs. Weather falling outside of their range of tolerance was met by moss matt shelters and communal huddling until the discovery of fire and limited clothing.

Sensory input comes from several highly specialised organs and is dominated by sight. Two stalked and densely packed compound eyes extend from the front of the head, below which hang sensitive olfactory organs to detect scents and changes in humidity. In keeping with their well-developed vibration detection abilities, their hearing is acute and is mediated through mobile ears at the tip of the abdomen.

As omnivores, the kyrabilli possess mouthparts and manipulators of a generalised and adaptable design. The arms, derived from the lips, lack a solid skeleton and collect fruits or carry weapons for subduing small prey. Equipped with their own basic sense of taste, these arms pass food up the mouth that lies between them.

Their most critical adaptation, however, may be their linguistic abilities which encompass visual, aural and infrasonic components. Various configurations of the limbs and body reveal the colourful blue patches on the legs and abdomen, the different combinations conveying meaning and intent. Sound is generated through a combination of stridulation using the rough inner surfaces of the arms, and air expelled and modulated through the twin breathing spiracles on either side of the abdomen. Dramatic punctuation and long range communication can be supplemented by beating on the substrate.

Currently a technologically advanced and relatively peaceful people, the kyrabilli have developed sustainable high density agriculture and their population continues to grow.
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brilliant design, will you ever do a book of your aliens?, if you want a frightening invented species check out the Prador in Neal Ashers novels, imagine something looking like a barrel shaped crab with multiple eyes and a society that embraced cloning, cannibalism, mass control via pheramones and using their young as either spare food sources, free experimentation subjects or target practice.

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I know have the mental image of a kyrabilli struggling to move around on a hard floor.

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I believe, given the parameters, that Kyrabil shag rugs would be a highly sought after item.

The feet are not designed for hard ground, so it follows to reason that the preferred artificial flooring would be similarly spongy, or filled with comfortably sized holes for the peg-legs to fit in. It would also have to be cleanable, and of proper consistency to aid in communication.

So, following this logical thread, we'd end up with either a durable, spongy synthetic; or a specially bred version of the favored moss.

Hell, I could imagine different mosses or carpets being designed for either cost-effectiveness or communicative quality.

So for example, the sidewalk substrate moss might be the fastest to grow and most easily maintained, but it would make your vibrative "voice" sound tinny and hollow. Whereas the carpeting in a Kyrabil theater would probably be much more expensive and chosen specifically for its vibrative qualities and comfort; equivalent to a pair of human Boss speakers, a better carpet would make for better "sound".

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Very interesting and so thoughtful!

Are those arms enough for complicated manipulation of the environment?
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Another example of how you are capable of making a lot of creative work! I appreciate it! :D

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im reminded a lot of star craft, protos walkers.
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What homeworld the Kyrabilly live?
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Havent invented it, but I would like it to be in the birrin universe somewhere
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Are they cousins to the Birrin?
Or maybe they're from a neighboring world?
Abiogenisis's avatar
Nah no relation. In a different section of the galaxy
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I've seen this before but I don't think I read it.  This is sooo cool!  The detail you put into describing this lifeform is great.
I wish I had a best friend as smart as you!  LOL have a great day!
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Totally would love to see more kyrabilli developments. Your birrin are fascinating. 
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another really wonderful creature
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Hm. Given my homelands word "Krabbe" for cancers and the likes, its name could perfectly be a nickname for this based on it in my country, when reading Kyrabilli quite fast with an arabic accent.
Together with the verb "krabbeln" used for "crawling" both with i.e. ants but also babies, reading the creatures name like "K[rr]abbillih" makes it 'feel', though not really look, somehow cute to me.
Man, Germans are sick.
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Neat! I love the true alien concept how they still managed to evolve intelligence with such different methods. I will browse some of your art, I wonder how you werent on my watchlist :)
Abiogenisis's avatar
DA is a vast, vast place...
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Giant Friendly Crabs.
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