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The Giant

Working on two characters for the Birrin book!

Both species, related through evolution, share a complex and sometimes bloody history. The more technological (and smaller) birrin dominate the planet, while the giants, somewhere in intelligence between parrot and human, have managed to survive in spite of birrin industrialisation.

In a few places the two peoples have found ways to live together.
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Im out of Words! You push the limits to Creativity! Masterpiece

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This is all fantastic. Looking forward to the book!

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I often come back to this one because it's a favourite, and I only just noticed that it kinda looks like the birrin's head covering says "A A A A A" which kinda fits lol

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This world that you've built looks amazing :) I look forward to reading the book
yeti/bigfoot vs human

or more like neanderthals and sapiens ?

the crest on the giant is really detailed
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If I read the description for the previous iteration right, that head shield is derived from the "lips" around the jaws of the base species.
Looking at this pic, it seems like the remaining "lips" have shifted to be a tri-lobe mouth.
Is the jaw still 4 part?
Also, what are the fluted parts alongside the eyestalks?
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what's the book called?
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Will name it towards the end, see what comes naturally.
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Nicely sparce arrangement.
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They’re weirdly cute...
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Oh no, semi intelligent? That's the worst kind of intelligent!
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Eh more like between a macaw and a human, rather than... just a dumb person :P
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I don't know if you ever take suggestions but I think it would be really cool to see a chart of how birrin civilization works, ( their family lives, body types, etc).
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There will be one day :)
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rr27075nn, catchy name dipshit :P
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Why are you offended by facts?
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Как картинка из Дюны. Очень здорово! 
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Your birrins is so alien in contrast to the common humanoid aliens. Its awesome you have made such a non-humanoid alien thats not cliche! Keep up the good work! Double Thumbs Up Emoticon 
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Thanks! Glad you like em :)
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