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"The shallow waters of this coastal inlet provides excellent fishing for local birrin, sheltered as it is by sand peninsulas and enriched by coastal currents. The artisanal technique seen here is only used by the select few with the patience to master it."

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oh so the big thing on its head is like that sort of spear properler used in the paleolithic, forgot its name, altai or somethign like that

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LeWhimsiraStudent General Artist


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yeah that one

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Nevermind my previous comment, if i had looked hard enough i'd have seen the delightful details you had made, involving the trigger being attached to a string that runs down the neck towards the hands.

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Kozub-ArtNew Deviant

I'd love to see these aliens in some movie. Great concept and beautiful rendering in the piece!

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So there is a trigger that it's mouth parts triggers to fire the fishing spear or, is it a head movement? Again i love this alien world i think it is the greatest!

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TheAnonymeeseNew Deviant

Wow. This is my first time on Deviant Art, and i saw this while scrolling. This is beautiful. I don't know what else to say. Great job.

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Your work with the birrin is so amazing that it literally -and I mean it!- improves my mental health! I'm always eagerly waiting for to see new pictures.

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Chobittsu-StudiosHobbyist General Artist

Does it hinge at the end of the jaw or something? Trying to figure out how this works mechanically

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two questions: are they fishing for sport or subsistence and how common is hunting as a lifestyle for the Birrin?

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AvatarVyakaraHobbyist Artist

One question: are those snow-capped coastal mountains in the background, or islands shrouded in mist? Or high, crested waves?

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I think they're just islands or peninsula. This whole place gives off a very mediterranean climate vibe, I bet they're just covered in dry grasses or shrubs

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White sand, as in the foreground? Bird guano cliffs?

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head -atlatl ?

must have either mandible or forelimb triggers

loving the remnant "bambi-cammo" on the young one

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mystically stunning

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I have said before but I say again. I must read this book when published!

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Shrimp-llamas with blow darts cool
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TarturusHobbyist Digital Artist

Interesting how she uses her face instead of her arms to handle the spear thrower.

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It's a she?

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TarturusHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm assuming the birrin in this pic are the birrin sisters that have been previously featured.

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mynameisnotdave23Hobbyist Traditional Artist

The previous piece explicitly states "a pair of sisters".

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ah ok, i see now. i wonder if aliens would think the same thing about humans? maybe they wouldn't have 2 sexes/no male or females.

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