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Smoke Break

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Soldiers of the Northern Reclamation on a smoke break. They are in full combat uniform to impress the locals of the village they have arrived in, despite the heat and discomfort.

The primary weapon, a high powered rifle, is supplemented by a small-caliber sidearm mounted above the head and fired using the mouth.
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IncyrayHobbyist Digital Artist

For a long and stupid moment, I legitimately thought that one the birrin soldiers was sipping out of a juice box instead of lighting an alien cigarette ;D;

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wow, finally some non humanoid aliens!

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Smoking makes you look cool. Or at least that's what 100% soldiers, no matter the planet or species, seem to think.

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Man... guard duty study sucks, doesn't matter what world you are from...

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ooh this is really cool!!! one question tho- why do birrin lose their fuzz as they age? i think you said babies had it to protect themselves from parasites, but why would that stop being beneficial? do the parasites only feed on babies?

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kennymurrayNew Deviant
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What is a Birris's heart bpm? I have an Idea.

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Impressive as always. :)

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DieTaubeVincNew Deviant

I hope you played ''Spore'' xD and nice artwork

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This mention of the Northern Reclamation has me interested in Birrin geopolitics. I'd love to see a map of all the countries on their world. Should we expect to ever see something along these lines?

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Fantastic as always!

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PokkinHobbyist Traditional Artist

Hiya! Would you like to do an art trade? here's an example of my art:

Neko Nation Facet
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can the Birrin do handstands?

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AbiogenisisProfessional Digital Artist

Definitely not!

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what if they stand on their hands and the front legs?

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Can these guys climb anything?

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AbiogenisisProfessional Digital Artist

Very carefully. No where near as good as humans

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But, I imagine they are much faster runners than we are?

(And Thank you for replying to my comment.)

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Very awesome work!

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Medic: Another four in for whiplash?! Fix the rifle overheating problem already!

Commander: Look, it's like a billion degrees out there. Just get them a neck brace.

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AbiogenisisProfessional Digital Artist

Birrin necks are far stronger than human necks. Combined with the low caliber its barely noticeable to fire.

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KonstalieriStudent Traditional Artist

Italian invasion of Egypt, 1940, colourized!

Smoke Break

(Joking aside, great work my man, keep it up)

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While I love your arts and depiction of an alien species, I fail to imagine a head-mounted fun above the head for the same reason as human.

That said their neck look much more robust (what with the big carnivore mouth) and their less flexible/agile body might make it work it for such specie. It look easier to aim than their main weapon.

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AbiogenisisProfessional Digital Artist

The neck is indeed FAR more powerful than a humans. A small gun is no problem for them.

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