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March 29, 2009
Serrum by ~Abiogenisis
The artist truly knows how to create magnificent creature and vehicle designs. Combined with excellent use of colours and great imagination you can see the results in his gallery!
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A pair of vast, sentient starships prepare to leave the thick atmosphere of a large planet. Smaller flying creatures, soaring high on powerful thermals, move in to investigate.
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KaribuXY's avatar
Looking back at this picture these things could actually be some sort of creatures for your birrin universe. Maybe some sort of 'gas giants' who produce a similar gas like helium inside their bodies, and feed on microscopic creatures like whales do beneath the ocean.
BirrinFan's avatar
I love that idea.
lshack's avatar
Sentient starships? Now that's cool and colonizing a planet would be easier for conditions doesn't have to be so strict.
WorldBuildersInc's avatar
Still one of my favorite pieces of yours. Nothing says epic like giant-ass squid spaceships, rolling cloud banks, and screaming alien dragon-pterosaur-creatures. :D
Abiogenisis's avatar
Yeah this was one of the first I did with help from the old forum people
aperture-lemon's avatar
Are theses the first instar or a higher instar? Or are they something else? If  they are something else, are they made by the same beings that created the second instar?
Abiogenisis's avatar
Not directly related to those creatures, but they would be a later instar, perhaps hundreds of metamorphosis later.
Lord-Manedor's avatar
"Sentient starships" can only ever lead to good things.
Makoim's avatar

Mass Effect's Reapers, for example lol

gusrgdrums's avatar
Permanent flying creatures. that's o cool idea.
RevealedFromtheVoy's avatar
madre de dios ! I love it !
hgfggg's avatar
Beautiful. Amazing. Holyshitthat's huge. Only a few words used to describe your art...
hgfggg's avatar
Sentient Starships make me happy. I have to imagine how they go so fast- or are they just extremely long lived? In fact, when their journey to a planet is done do they return to a place and deposit information about it?
Abiogenisis's avatar
They are just long lived, and transmit data between each other by all transmitting what they learn to known data hubs.
hgfggg's avatar
...How could I forget about radio-type transmissions? The data hubs thing was exactly what I was thinking.
Abiogenisis's avatar
They are in no hurry, so radio is fine :P
hgfggg's avatar
Suddenly, necropost! Do these guys use something like ramscoops? If so, can they modify themselves a lot on their own? Are any of them headed towards other galaxies, or is this one okay for now? Do/how do they reproduce? The image of them kinda like space spider squids on solar sails (when young) is interesting.
Abiogenisis's avatar
They can modify themselves, though they do not use ramscoops: they are rather more exotic.
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Aditya2's avatar
Has the race that created these spaceships gone exctinct? Are they fully intelligent and self aware?
OctopusGames's avatar
All I can say is WOW!!!
Those ships look super cool.
Aditya2's avatar
Are those ships fully intelligent and self aware? Are they made by a lost alien race?
bear48's avatar
very nice work
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