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Two Birrin fisher-folk ride the wind back to the coast after a mornings' hunting. Marine creatures surf the waves with them, hoping for scraps when the catch is gutted and cleaned.

The boat, a small but strong outrigger yacht, was built by the local tribes to sail relatively close to shore in low tropical seas.

Its frame is built from the tough, plant like stems of local phototrophic organisms which have been pre-stressed into strong curved shapes and bound together under a watertight leather skin. This was then coated with sap and waxes from local plants and animals to further seal it. Inside the cabin, a birrin can rest, as well as store the days' catch. If water does flood the boats' interior, it is not a concern as flotation is provided by bundles of sponge like plant tissue inside the hull.
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God, this reminds me of whale watching trips with dolphins following the boat.