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Pseudoraptor Mk.2


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(This is an alternative version of the Pseudoraptor [link] incorporating the suggestions received when I submitted the previous version.)

This creature evolved from the same stock as the Birrin [link]

The Pseudoraptor lives on open plains, hunting the grazing creatures that feed on the tough mats of lichen-like creeping plants that cover the surface. Able to tackle a wide range of prey, the Pseudoraptor can bring down much larger animals than itself by latching onto their hides with six re-curved claws at the tips of its four arms. The stalked eyes can retract or in the case of the upper eye fold back so as to avoid damage when fighting or hunting, while the hearing and scent antennae are much reduced and are kept in a protective pouch on each side of the neck.
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They walk on two legs?