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October 20, 2010
Protest by ~Abiogenisis They are alien, but still make very human mistakes.
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(For a basic view of the Birrin Bodyplan, which has 6 legs, see this link [slightly out of date] [link])

Refugees, faced with starvation and loss of livelihood by the diversion of the river that feeds the vast lakes they live upon, were shipped to uninhabited badlands in neighboring nations. The state responsible for the disruptive developments paid local poor governments, in arms and financial relief, to accept millions of displaced people inside their borders.

Ill feelings due to the destruction of their towns and habitat, anger soon erupted into large scale protests which the financially insecure and corrupt nations had trouble containing.

Seen here is a vast march from a nearby tent city; angry refugees storm an area of newly (but cheaply) build admin towers created to manage the huge displaced population.

Younger and angrier refugees quickly turned to violence, attacking understaffed riot police staff with knives and other improvised weapons.
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Do birrins have "races", i.e. do they differ physically depending on their origin?