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A Reclamation super heavy lift helicopter delivering wind turbines to the river valley. To save fuel the vehicle is streamlined, with retractable nose gear and semi-retractable main wheels, and a hybrid electric-turbojet propulsion system. The tail carries a third turbine to charge the batteries, pick up the slack during engine failure, and when at full power to add a speed boost.

Part of the Birrin book project.
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Amazing looking scene. I love it!

I thought this was already in my favorites collection. Ooops, fixed that.

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This is really cool!

Mi-12 could have been a massive boost to construction in some areas if it ever entered production and then was available to civilians. Better then lugging around ICBMs or T-64's:D

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Impressive worldbuilding!!! You know, aside from almost always being portrayed having a near humanlike or at least humanoid appearance, a lot of sapient aliens in media are usually shown possessing insanely advanced technology like energy weapons, hover vehicles and the like. But here not only did you portray the Birrin with a truly alien appearance, aka not humanoid, you made their technology surprisingly like ours. Not many people, would think up an alien species, completely unrelated to humans, developing stuff like cars, sailboats, jet planes, and helicopters. Often people would just jump to super advanced tech with little to no reason in an attempt to make them appear alien.

Your Birrin creature is truly a fresh take on a sapient alien species. However, I'm more interested in the fact that their technology is surprisingly no different from ours. The helicopter and the wind turbine on this picture for example, they look like something humans would be able to build, yet a completely different species was able to accomplish the same thing, though due to their anatomy, the process of building them might differ if only slightly.

Look forward to your book!!!

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Basically that is because I understand biology more than engineering XD

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I actually LOVE the speculative engineering of the Birrin, how you went for recognizable and practical modern tech, but with alien ergonomics. So good.

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I think it makes sense for the Birrin to have technology that is similar to ours. Look at the many cultures around our world, you'll find similar technologies between different cultures that never even interacted. The laws of physics always determines how pieces of technology will function.

Also the Blue Stick mill is really creative. Though I have no idea what the plant is or what the Birrin use it for, the video on your work in Curious Archive mentioned the Birrin are carnivores. Strange for a carnivorous creature to cultivate crops if they won't eat it.

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Superb visualization born of a brilliant imagination. Great work!

Interesting aircraft, looks kind of like Ospreys granddaughter!

Abiogenisis's avatar

With some Soviet giant copter mixed in!

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Impressive! I love your designs for the Birrin and their homeworld.

pond-pond's avatar

Why do i think this is Russian

purple-hermit's avatar

Awesome as always; I really like how all of the technology you draw always feels very Birrin, while still being familiar and recognizable.

How much do you charge for commisions?

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i see the inspiration from real world vehicles

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Aight, thanks foor the new ksp project, and some more way to much detailed word documents over fictional vhicles
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One day I swear you're going to create a piece that is not exemplary and a masterwork. One day you will make something that I do not absolutely love.

Still waiting!

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A brilliantly realised scene, as usual! The shadows on the hull, blurred blades, and dust clouds add to the effect.

I like the design as well - the raised forward cab looks as if it would offer good protection and visibility, the fixed undercarriage could take heavy loads, and the extra-large flaps on the wingtips would reduce the chance of rotor stall and might improve control while hovering. I take it vectored thrust would be used for directional control in forward flight?

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