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October 10, 2009
Genocide by ~Abiogenisis
Suggester said: Introducing an unique piece of Sci-Fi to you. It is showing a genuine side of alien life undergone by sober creatures furthermore the onefold atmosphere creates a predicate, that even aliens are not perfect. Whereas these individuals seem to be remote from us we can still feel with them, with their problems inasmuch as our world has those as well. ~Abiogenisis had a vision in 2007, stay tuned and please enjoy !
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A soldier moves in to an area annexed by the northern recipri-nation, which is removing the Trapulli ethnic group from the territory so it may be modified and converted into farms. Reporters attempting to enter the area are shot on site, and their recordings destroyed, resulting in an information blackout. As the Trapulli villages and cities are burned, the millions of bodies are loaded on to vast trains to be dumped and burned in nearby canyons.
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/sighs/ Different planet, same dark tragedies and crimes. Are the aliens of the Northern Recipri-nation alien Nazis or something? Also, are the Trapulli trying to resist being wiped out?