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Cresting Wave

A Cresting Wave class flying boat bringing representatives of the Reclamation to a river valley on the birrin homeworld.

See the birrin here: Fishin' WIP
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Hmm nice but do the wings fold?

Septimus-Oraka's avatar

The Birrin have any problem with things like hurricanes, tornados or tsunamis? They world is too hot thanks to climate change, so I believe they have some difficulties with this kind of thing.

Nutshell-Comics's avatar

your planes are beautiful

Sagetower's avatar
I love how detailed the background looks :)
SimonAEM's avatar

Awesome Alex, keep it up!

tristyowl's avatar

Im a huge seaplane fan, and this is beautiful

BirrinFan's avatar

I think you made this befor Corona and all the stuff that's happened this year so far. I hope your ok. Stay safe my guy.

uzelok21's avatar

So sunny! Love it!

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Utterly utterly beautiful. You should be authorising new aircraft designs we need planes like this here too!

Antimatter1422's avatar
Looks like a futuristic Catalina
interesting single wing design

manta or stealthbomber inspired ?

and the engines are something else

Do you ever dream about Birrins?

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This reminds me of Miyazaki’s “Porco Rosso” film. Very nice!
Jimbowyrick1's avatar
"Cool! That works!
(could use a nice gleaming San Francisco Golden Gate-type bridge)" - PAV
Stay Safe 
MelodicChronic's avatar
Gorgeous atmosphere and tones. Very well done.
ThierryCravatte's avatar
Beautiful scene !!!
EmmitS's avatar
Wow, you are amazingly talented! Your entire gallery is incredible - congrats!

weird but cool design

Toraach's avatar

I see some really cool design here :) The ship, the planet unver it.

sLy2k's avatar

Excellent! A bit of a "Porco Rosso" vibe?

demonredDemonred16's avatar

bor i love sow much this i work in aviation and this is amazing !GOOD JOB BROO¡

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Very nicely done. It's reminiscent of some of the Italian flying boats.
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