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April 20, 2015
Contact by Abiogenisis
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A Metahuman meets the Birrin on their homeworld Chriirah.
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"To think, I was once like you tiny things, wandering around in the dirt, squabbling over riches and lands and glory.....but I do miss the little things you enjoy as flesh and blood; the summer breeze after a cold winter, the smell of rain and the taste of fine wine and smoking meats.....Godhood, as it turnes out, is not all it's cracked up to be...."

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funny to think that the same person who made this meme also worked on subntuautica concept art

Abiogenisis's avatar

I am become Meme.

WorldCurrency's avatar

Me who can remember what the deleted video on my playlist was

Pikminnen's avatar

Ah yes , the meme .

AndyGalls-3DFactory's avatar

And so, at least i found the original inspiration for the ubiquitous meme...

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Wait I've just realised something, does that mean the birrin species are actually rat-sized? Or are metahumans giant?

Birrin stand almost two meters, I believe. So this metahuman is gigantic.

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Humanity has gone a long way, it seems.

LauraRamirez's avatar

Oh okay, didn't know that. Thanks :D

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Very amazing
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Congratulations. You're famous. <3

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Does the world of the Birrin take place thousands, or even millions of years in the future? It seems as though mankind has transcended into an almost god-like form.

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Is this where the meme template started? If so, very cool I abolutly love it. the detail is so great!
FrustratedInExcelsis's avatar

What meme template would that be?

Blueoriontiger's avatar

Yep, this is where it came from. Been watching this dude since 2011, I can attest to when this dropped after I left school.

BlixOwlstar321's avatar

omg this is the original painting for the meme

EizzaimJemat's avatar
Idk why, but I remember seeing this in r/memetemplates for some reason.
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hate to bring this up in 2020 but you forgot a tag. paisley, It let's us know that this human is at heart a 70s person


What the heck is a metahuman

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I can imagine the Metahumans doing time travel given how complex their technology is.

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Is there an approximate era (Human Calendar) that much of your Birrin work is set in?
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this gives me anxiety
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