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Children of Time

A bit of fanart for Adrian Tchaikovsky's awesome Children of Time novel. A Portiid meeting a human child.
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One of my favorite sci-fi books ever! Nice to see fan art of it, especially something this good

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Awsome work Alex! There isn't nearly enough fanart for children of time.

Also, this makes me curious how you would interpret life from Nod.

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Huh, intelligent spiders. Makes me recall "A Deepness in the Sky" by Vernor Vinge. Also good novel.

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I really like this piece.

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I never read the book but I love this picture

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Never heard of this book before I saw this. I then binged it in a single day; so thank you.

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Spider weaves present for smol child :)

so cute! i very much enjoy your interpretations of various aliens from sci-fi literature. i know you're busy with your birrin book, but if you ever do a kickstarter for an artbook in the style of 'barlowe's guide to extraterrestrials' count me in! if you ever do this project, make sure to include blueshell and greenstalk (skroderiders) from vinge's 'a fire upon the deep' : ) and the scramblers from watt's 'blindsight', cause i'd really like to see your take on those aliens.

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My god, I want to read this book.

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reminds me of the spiders in my sci fi setting but mine are smaller(unless Iid na way to make thme bigger)

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Angora Spider Science fiction doesn't have nearly enough friendly sentient spiders.

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lovely work and detailing

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Mesmerized by the silk pearl thing. A funky spiderino/spiderina with rings and body painting. :)

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In this case, its definitely a spiderina!

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Time spiders!

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yes love the books.

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Love to see fanart of this great series, really like how you drew Portia (or is that Bianca?)

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