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Bushwhacker - With Background

Thought I would do an alternative version of the Bushwhacker but with a little more going on.

The tropical forest in the background is very different from those of Earth: Here, almost all the forest floor is covered with a grayish, mold-like organism. The large coral shapes on top of it are formed by the fungus and move slowly like waves across the ground, engulfing dead animals and vegetation for digestion. Large red capped fruiting bodies dot the forest, and are serviced by jungle creatures who then travel to others, and so fertilize far distant fungal colonies.

The Bushwhacker, seen here in strike position, is a predator of the mid levels of this forest. Only about a foot or so long, it moves slowly through the vines, snapping at unsuspecting creatures which pass nearby. Its pointed teeth grip prey while venom injected by the proboscis paralyzes it, making it easier to handle. If the creature loses its footing, it is slow on the ground and likely to be eaten by animals living under the fan fungus ledges.

The first xenobiologist to study this alien was stung, but the toxins never evolved to attack earthlife and so apart from significant pain they were unharmed. It was named the Bushwhacker because of its propensity for ambush, like the rural guerrillas of the American civil war.

The original is here: [link]
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Stung huh? I'll bet "bushwacker" wasn't the first thing the xenobiologist called it. 

BTW: Venoms don't have to evolve to kill a specific species. Australia is full critters whose venom is fantastically fatal to placental mammals, of which Australia never had any. A tiny jellyfish the size of the end of your pinkie never had a need to evolve a venom fatal to mammals. The venoms of Australia are almost all fatal because they are complex proteins which provoke a fatal allergic overreaction from the victims own immune system. 

It's quite possible that alien proteins could produce the same effect. 
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You would be surprised if we said that there are things similar to that gray matter you described on planet earth!
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Oh why did i read this :O
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it's pronounced ze-no-biologist right?
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It's Greek so the "x" has a z-like sound in the original and a definate "z" sound when transliterated into English. "Xeno" means "stranger" which in Greek is synonymous with "foreigner". "Bio" means "life" and "-ology" is a suffix meaning "the study of". So, a xenobiologist studies life foreign to Earth. 

"Exo" means "outside" or more accurately with connotations of, "on the outside". 
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Though since I painted this I think they call themselves exobiologists now
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Oh, NO MATTER! WE STILL GET TO BE NERDS ANYWAY! Tell me, are you interested in physics? also I do want to complement you on the painting itself, it’s beautiful.
Abiogenisis's avatar
Physics is OK but i suck at math; more of a biology guy
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You and I are gonna get along great
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are you a major in biology cause these aliens sound scientifically plausible.
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I read bio text books for fun, but alas no formal training. I just try and do my research :)
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my guess? he must smoke special stuff which gives him ugly and weird hallucinationsNo, I disagree! :o (Eek) 
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meh. i think he or she just excels in creativity and biology. and, if there is some type of alien biology class then he or she excelled in that too probably
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Humans came to the birrin homeworld?
is it weird i find this cute? love it, but still it looks adorable to me . . . . . probably shouldn't hug it,but i want to hug it . . . . oh well nice job
Abiogenisis's avatar
well cats are murder machines and they are cute so its ok :P
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Creepy as heck - lovely!!
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Wow ! The design is so original :) GG
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