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During a severe late cretaceous drought, a brushfire burns through the dry ferns of a North American prairie. Small animals fleeing the flames, or roasted by them, make excellent snacks for predators near the fire front.

The pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus is accompanied by two curious Troodon as it stalks warily towards this potential feast.
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Ah, such a nostalgic work of yours.

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Wow! Do more paleoart.
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I agree with Cyansky95! Lovely job!
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You're welcome~
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Amazing detail, I love how they share a palette and match the environment!
Abiogenisis's avatar
Big white chickens!
Dinosaurguy10's avatar
muc Mark Witton, much wow
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Recognized that Quetzalcoatlus before anything else ;) (Wink) incredible work here
CamtheZoologist's avatar
i love the smokey grey, orange and red coloring 
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Very good job!
I can almost smell the charred air.
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Then I have done my job :P
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Very cool, though the Troodontids should have tail feathers and the Azdarchid pycnofibres. :)
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"Filamentous integument"
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Aren't pycnofibres the same thing?
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You should really do some more paleoart. This looks great!
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