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Birrin Study

The Birrin are a sentient hexapod (six limbed) species from a planet approximately the size of Venus. This individual, gaudily attired, lives (and sometimes works) in the tropical regions of their world, bordering the uninhabitably hot equatorial zone many birrin call the 'Kiln'. Low employment, high temperatures and generally harsh conditions mean that narcotic use is high among many of the population here. This birrin, after ending a work cycle and with no further hive duties, uses and deals in most of the local low end narcotics. The three clasped in the beak offer an enjoyable combination of flavours when partaken together. Other mixes are stored in plain view under a strap on the head for sale or later use. As there is no substance control in this region, they can be shown in plain sight. Potentially quite profitable, this individual has found much use for the money brought its way through the sale of longneck cigarettes. Either through trade or purchase, he has adorned himself with plenty of flaunted accessories, include a wrist mounted multimedia device, which feeds headphone cables to the auditory receptors at the tip of the upper two eyestalks; the device was likely traded illegally, or purchased from a wholesale shipment moving from the deep water docks on its way inland. Completing his accoutrements are an old cigarette lighter, a wallet strapped to the forearm, and a few rolls of personally selected drugs to his personal taste bound to his neck.
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hahaha look at his eyes, my man is *gone*

Amazing job putting that expression on such an alien face.

Wait, is he OK? His skin looks kinda... peely. Has he been doing too many drugs or is he just sunburned or wearing a ratty old bodysuit or something?

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Would love to make an oc out of this species sometime. These creatures are so unique! Please let me know if you're against that, though!

Abiogenisis's avatar

You are totally free to make fan characters :)

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Can Birrin Talk Like Human?

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After reading all this, I'm in awe. All I can say is this:

You damn memer 😂😂

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I never thought an alien stoner would be one of the more impressive showings of a well-developed and engagingly believable alien design.

Awesome Dude! 
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Suprised no one has mentioned about the BaM Animation video.
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Why did you name Birrin, “Birrin”? Just asking^^
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i love your creativity 
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I like how much you've humanised this clearly inhuman species! :nod: 
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I'd be curious as to what Medieval Birrin society would look like. What sort of Melee weapons would they use? Less "Made of exotic materials" and more "made for exotic hands". the manipulators don't look like they would facilitate swinging a weapon, and the under body position would make thrusting spears difficult to maneuver, i wonder what they would use? 
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Omg I only noticed now it has some kind of sandals on. Love it!
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What are those disks on his back for
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They cover the wing like display flaps
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This looks really similar to an alien species I came up with.
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What's that? Mind-altering drugs? Friends in unfriendly places? Proximity to the equator?

M A R L E Y _ I N _ S P A A A A A A C E
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it would be cool if you drew a anatomy display of them as a skeleton and one with the organs.
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I shall some day!
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