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Birrin Head

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The birrin 'face', complete with retractable sensory stalks. Part of ongoing development for a book about these creatures.
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makwa89New Deviant

Also what is there life span

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makwa89New Deviant

Must say I love these creatures actually made an account to follow ur ongoing work with this fictional species.

was wondering a few things how do they reproduce and were exactly is There planet is it the Milky Way or another galaxy and are they extinct or living in out cosmic time period

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LyzeofKielHobbyist Traditional Artist
I have a question... how good is their eyesight? 
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BIMSEL18Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooooooh i would not like those teeth anywhere near me
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How do birrins emote?
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These are one of two things that inspired my Zalics :D
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AbiogenisisProfessional Digital Artist

Body language, eyestalk position etc

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TragicMoppetHobbyist General Artist
Oh hey, this page is very informaytive along with comments
I have a question though; have you made genes or some kind of pattern in the way they look/colours becasue I;ve definetly seen something
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AbiogenisisProfessional Digital Artist

The patterns are unique to each individual

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SelkraHobbyist General Artist
A book about the birrin you say? I'm already looking forward to it!
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David-K-ManuelProfessional Digital Artist
I have loved this rare form of design since I first saw WDB back in the '80s.  I see people doing creatures, but there is something especially appealing to me, about the way you organize your studies that goes beyond so many. I enjoy the feeling that I am reading an encyclopedic account of something that you have witnessed.  Your renderings are crisp and easy to read. I enjoy your sense of surface and light. I really appreciate what you do.
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Might just be noise in the face of the rest of these comments, but I feel like you need a platform to bring these to life. This species is so interesting as is all of the world/galaxy building surrounding it. I feel almost as though it needs some place to be brought to life a story a game, a movie...something. Sorry if it sounded a bit presumptuous but i've liked these entities for quite a while, you don't get to see this out of the box kinda creature design all that often anymore.
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tobys-brainProfessional General Artist
Your designs are fascinating! Very unique physiology you've developed here.
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ShystraabHobbyist Digital Artist
how do they talk?
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XenoTeeth3Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting creature
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Those eyes are scary.
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I have one more question: how do they blink? Or do they blink? Like, how do they keep their eyes clean and wet?
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AbiogenisisProfessional Digital Artist
Eyeball retracts into the stalk quickly to blink
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how your aliens blinks the fact you know this is so awesome lol.
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AbiogenisisProfessional Digital Artist
Gotta think of it all!
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Yay, Birrin! :D

So, I have a question relating to their internal anatomy: does their blood employ the usage of hemoglobin to oxygenate their blood? Or do they use some other medium?
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AbiogenisisProfessional Digital Artist
They do use an iron based blood pigment
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AbiogenisisProfessional Digital Artist

Will be red

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