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March 1, 2010
Alien Parenthood by *Abiogenisis
The suggester says: An explanation of the situation given by the artist in Alien Parenthood shows us the length to which it is not only just visually pleasing and stunning with the feathery soft details on the aliens and the dry landscape, but also shows us that parenting is time consuming and hard nonetheless. But should we forget the valuable moments spent with our beloved, for whom we go to extreme measures? The alien features of the duo inexplicably enhance the emotion that is surrounded in parenting and the playful alien kid, and the desolate place with less food enhances the emotions behind it!
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Alien Parenthood


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This alien mother is taking her young child on a food gathering trip to the edge of her clan's territory. It is the end of the growing season and the tough dryland plants are sending out their large, robust seeds as the last of the rains leave the plains for months.
The plants stock their underground tubers with water and starches for their long hibernation, and it is these the alien mother is trying to find. However her child seems more intent on catching a large floating seed as it drifts past on the dry afternoon breeze.
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Of course, this is very difficult (if possible) to predict all the roads of evolution... but still, why is their brain so unprotected? Just a thin quasi-limb, which is so easy to broke just by accident or bite out in the very first fight.